Short Story

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by Aneesah Sher


I get called different. Weird. Unique. I think differently from other teenagers. I’m an ordinary teen with an extra twist. I have a gift, yet to be revealed. A gift that no-one else can understand. Not a single soul knows about my gift. People might see it as a curse. A curse from God. Maybe a test, a test of courage, strength and determination. But now that’s for you to decide. I, Jason Hood, can see the unseen. Yes, I can see ‘dead people’ as others put it. They may be dead, but I prefer the term ‘ghosts’ or ‘spirits’. I believe that souls remain on human earth after death because they have unfinished business. Hunting for their murderer or needing to desperately pass on a message. And that is why I was born. To be the messenger or person who helps to search for the murderer of such spirit. And quite frankly, I love it.
When I was just a child I used to see people around me with bullets through them, heads chopped off cradled in one arm, burnt kids, rope slung around their neck, and once…a man. A tall man, with a mask plastered to half his face. He was tortured; his face cut off and once he escaped his torturers, he hid his face beneath a mask to hide all past. Scary it was. I can be walking down a corridor at school and walk round a corner and see a spirit standing there, watching me. As if I know something they want to hear.
Anyways, about me, I’ve been told I’m good-looking; it’s definitely an answer for all the girls following me at school and flirting away with me. Sadly, I’m not interested. I’m tall; 6 foot maybe, brown hair with a fringe; I could put it up in a quiff if I want to, but that’s only special occasions. I wear a beanie hat slouched down the back of my head, my jeans hang from my arse (like most guys), and my hightops and…...