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The central Sun is dying. Our Galaxy was falling apart. My grandmother has told me long ago that when she was young she had seen it in full brightness and the transparent artificial heat amplifier sky under the clouds was not required. All the girls born from my mother worked in the underground rock mine used for power generation. My mother was classified class II and sent to care for the kids of working mothers.

We all had the same routine, wake up on the central alarm, auto clean mode, take daily medicines for radiation, eat breakfast pills and get to the mine in underground personal or group bots. I would have never found this any different had I not discovered my grandmother’s diary.

We were not allowed to have any stuff other than standard issue body cover. The living hives were swept every sunrise, but I had long memorized the meaningless sentences.

It spoke about men living with women – a vague term starting with F, if I’m not wrong family then manufacturing breakfast pills called food, again F. There are many confusing things like Fun, happy, Love and that consummate, I think that would be the word to make babies.

We had many planets like us in the Milky Way Galaxy. Each planet is explained vividly in her book. One made of only rocks, one without the power to hold us and we float all the time (giggle, in lower volume. Volume is monitored). Then my Grandma’s favorite, the blue one with lots of people with different body covers, languages and she says she’s been there once to witness a festival called Kumbmela, the most visited one in their Galaxy.

The catastrophe struck 150 standard work schedules (Grandma says years) back. Then neither was the hive concept not mines. Men were allowed to age and people had non standard breaks in work time called holidays. They could have their own non standard issue travel bots and could hug, kiss and remove…...