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Short-Term Objectives

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Executive Summary
The corporate level strategy of Dish Network is to horizontally integrate. It acquired Blockbuster and tries to maintain this studio right. Also, it purchased additional wireless licensures to implement this strategy. The business level option of Dish Network is to integrate Dish products into Blockbuster stores. In the long run, Dish Network should try to work on retaining the current customers and gain more customers as well. At the same time, it will build a good reputation to be competitive in today's television market. The ultimately purpose of any commercial organization is to maximize profit, but this should build upon being achieved these short-term objectives.
Short-Term Objectives
In the coming six months, Dish Network will develop the following short-term objectives:
1. Try to increase the market shares. According to the Dish Network annual report, the corporate has 13.967 million subscribers until December 31, 2011, which represent approximately 14% of pay-TV subscribers in the United States. In the first season this year, Dish has increased its customer group by 22,000. Therefore, Dish Network can keep trying to retain the existing customers and increase the potential customers to gain more market shares. With the current customer’s base, the corporate can set having 13.997 million subscribers as a goal, which means increase approximately 0.21% of the market shares in the second quarter.
2. Promote the Hopper DVR. Dish Network launched this new product in January this year, and it enabled Dish to use DVR technology to another level. Dish Network can treat this launch as a opportunity to gain more customers. Hopper allows recording up to six HD channels at once, which will improve the residents' watching experiences. Therefore, the promotion can focus on the new traits and new functions in order to be acceptable by the domestic...

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