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Should Companies Focus on the Well-Being of Their Workers?

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Should companies focus on the well-being of their workers?

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The issue of well-being of the workers is a relevant topic since the dawn of capitalist relations and collective labor. Occasionally, some critics consider that this is a less significant aspect for employers compared with the main purpose as the obtaining of the maximum profit. However, the majority of people strongly believe that the well-being of the workers, such as an adequate salary, safe workplaces and normalized working time, is a paramount importance to any company. This essay intends to argue whether employers care about the welfare of its employees or not.

To begin with, it is necessary to note that providing the well-being of workers is an expensive approach for any company. In other words, the creation and maintaining a safe and healthy conditions of work, ensuring high and stable wages as well as social payments require measurable financial outlay. Consequently, many aspiring employers should not be concerned about conditions of workplaces without first solving the problem of sustainable business. As is known, in the period of global financial crisis many of thriving enterprisers were bankrupt, losing thousands of workers. One of the causes of this was the fact that the most of them had been focused on the well-being of their workers, including a large salary and benefits, forgetting about possible financial risks in the future.

One the other hand, the sustainability and the reputation of companies are frequently provided by employers. The quality staff, the well-coordinated team-working and good relationships among collective might be the basis of prosperity of any…...

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