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Should Doctors Get Higher Pay

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Doctors should receive a higher pay than they are usually paid because they work a lot harder than most people do. Doctors are often underappreciated of their jobs and do not get the recognition they deserve. Doctors deserve a higher pay due to working harder than most people with any paying job does. Most people don’t really think highly of doctors. They often tend to think they only want their patient’s money. People don’t know that doctors spend most of their time in hospitals or clinics. They usually don’t get breaks because they’re busy trying to help all these patients get the right treatment they need. With a higher pay, doctors will get the salary they deserve and be able to afford to take care of their own families. Doctors having...

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Great Britain's Healthcare System everyone is covered. Great Britain has a single-payer system funded by general revenues. With this centralized system, avoiding deficits is difficult. Great Britain’s deficit in 2006 was 700 million pounds despite healthcare spending increases over 43 billion pounds in 5 years. They pay through government taxation that is protected under the National Health Services (NHS). The people who are a part of the NHS bear the benefits while the people who opt out of the NHS will receive the burdens. You can’t defect from enrolling or you’re not covered. That being said, only 11.5% of the people opt out of the NHS. Private health insurance replicates the coverage provided by the NHS, but gives patients access to higher quality care and reduced waiting times. The general mission of Great Britain is to live and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Great Britain’s way of healthcare would fall under the utilitarian theory of justice. Which states, benefits and burdens should be distributed in a way that maximizes the net good (utility) of society. Great Britain’s health care in my opinion is just, yet it has to be a good policy for people to agree. Government subsidized insurance is should be for those who...

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...costs are higher just because our expensive costs, on going to the doctor more often, or that wet get sicker more. In fact, the opposite is true. The reason that medical costs are higher is because of the prices. Since the prices are higher we as Americans pay more, it’s that simple. When trying to explain the high cost of medical care many people though it was because we use medical services more often as Americans. Research shows that “we spend less time in hospitals than Germans and see doctors less often than Canadians.” (Klein) This is odd, because even though the above is true our medical costs are almost double that of Germany and Canada. We pay more and get less out of medical care. “The United States spends more on health care than any of the other OECD countries spend, without providing more services than the other countries do” (Klein). This just shows that our prices for some reason are just higher than they are in other countries. To understand why this is we must understand why prices in other countries are lower. “In 2009, Americans spent $7,960 per person on health care. Our neighbors in Canada spent $4,808. The Germans spent $4,218. The French, $3,978” (Klein). The reason behind the lower prices in the above countries is because their countries governments negotiate more aggressively with health care providers to set an optimal price. These countries either have the government set prices or have the government act as a mediator if prices get out of......

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Health Insurance KEY WORDS AND PHRASES What You Pay There are different costs associated with health insurance. When choosing a plan, it is important to take into account all of the costs for each plan. Premium The money you pay the insurance company to buy the plan. You usually pay this monthly or every pay period. If you get coverage through your job, your employer may also pay a part of the premium. Deductible $ The amount you have to pay for your $ health care each year before your $ insurance starts paying for care. Similar to car insurance, many health plans require you to pay a certain amount “out of pocket” before their coverage kicks in. For example, if your deductible is $300, you have to pay the first $300 of your medical costs yourself before the insurance starts paying. In some plans, the deductible applies only to services that you get outside their “provider network.” Also, some plans have a separate deductible for prescription medications. Usually, the deductible does not apply to preventive services. KEY WORDS AND PHRASES What You Pay Copay/Co-insurance The money that you may have to pay “out of pocket” for each service you receive. This could include an office visit with a doctor, a prescription medicine, an x-ray, or a hospital stay. $ If the money you pay is a set amount (for example, a $15 payment to a doctor), it is called a copay (or copayment). If the money you pay is a percentage of the cost......

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Single Payer Health Care System one of the basic necessities that a government should provide to its citizens. Single Payer Health Care systems are catered towards the well-being of its citizens that regard people’s health as their main priority. What is a single-payer health care system? Single-payer national health insurance, also known as “Medicare for all,” is a system in which a single public or quasi-public agency organizes health care financing, but the delivery of care remains largely in private hands. Under a single-payer system, all residents of a country would be covered for all medically necessary services, including doctor, hospital, preventive, long-term care, mental health, reproductive health care, dental, vision, prescription drug and medical supply costs. The program would have a single public system of administration, eliminating the present highly expensive multiple, fragmented, and duplicative system operated by different government agencies and private hospitals. The whole operation would be paid by a combination of present Medicare and Medicaid expenditures, existing state and local expenditures for health services, mandated employer contributions, and additional tax revenues equal to the amounts now spent by citizens out of pocket, savings obtained from replacing today’s inefficient, profit-oriented, multiple insurance payers with a single streamlined, nonprofit, public payer, and by modest new taxes based on ability to pay. Premiums would disappear as a result of which 95......

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Managing Healthcare and many cannot afford it. On the other hand, there are those who do not support The Affordable Healthcare Act, stating that it will hurt the economy, lower the quality of healthcare, and harm healthcare workers financially both reflect a complex issue and a compromise is needed. There are serious flaws with the current state of healthcare in America, and the side that supports The Affordable Healthcare Act has valid points as to why the current healthcare policy should be changed. In 2010, almost fifty million Americans were uninsured (Lazarus, 2011). Healthcare is unaffordable to many people in its current state, therefore, many individuals can potentially be denied quality treatment for serious illnesses such as cancer or diabetes. Additionally, if somebody gets sick and cannot afford health insurance, the medical bills are expensive enough to bankrupt an individual. If The Affordable Healthcare Act is put into effect, no American citizen will be denied care because they cannot afford it, since taxes will pay for one’s care. Supporters of The Affordable Healthcare Act reference other countries...

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...Ny’la Poche’ English 102-1S1 10/11/15 Professor McCall Should Every American Go to College? “I’m going to college!” those four letter words rung through my head, as I walked across my high school stage. Shaking hands with the people who were becoming a part of my high school past. I than sat down into my seat and reflected on a previous conversation a classmate and I had. I was explaining to him about my college plans and by the end of the conversation, he uttered terrible words to himself. “Everyone is not going to college”. Even though he may have said it out of fear or worry for himself. I assured him that he will go to college and it is possible for anyone. Every American should go to college because it gives opportunities for greater employment, higher pay, and college experience. Graduating from a community or university will give you greater employment opportunities. Therefore, just having a degree can further your knowledge and give you that ambition to climb up the work force pyramid. Have you ever wondered, why your boss is in the position he has today? Well, it is because of working hard for years, challenging himself to courses that he may have felt were unnecessary, but in the end to be worth it, and waking up to do it all over again. The more society feeds into the negativity that everyone does not belong in college. The more American people will believe it. There are many authors like Pharinet who takes their silver spoon full of negativity and force it down......

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...College Prep English Mrs. Keider May 14, 2012 Should the United States Have Universal Healthcare? According to the Institute of Medicine there will be 18,000 unnecessary deaths this year, in the United States. This is solely because we as Americans have a healthcare system that leaves millions of citizens with no health insurance. There are 54.5 million people in the U.S. that are most uninsured or have poor health coverage. These citizens are left to decide whether they should spend thousands of dollars on a medical visit or hope the body fixes itself. We are supposed to have one of the greatest healthcare systems in the world, most of us believe anyway. However, the U.S. was ranked 37th out 191 countries, right in between Costa Rica (36) and Slovenia (38) on the World Health Organization (WHO) healthcare list in 2000. The United States was behind almost all of the other first world countries in the world and it was a far cry away from France who was held at number one, with Universal Healthcare. This was the first complete list of how all of the countries provide healthcare. Americans are denied everyday for healthcare coverage, if it is not provided through your job chances are you will be denied at least once, if not more by a healthcare provider. But who has the right to tell you whether or not you are allowed to have health insurance? All of us use it, some more or less than others, but every single person sees a doctor, so why can’t we have universal healthcare?......

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...before (Werry n. pg.) Although there are a few benefits to Affordable Health Care Act, the negatives outweigh the positives and will hurt America and its people; therefore, Obama care should be revoked. ObamaCare will cost the government more money than they have to spend. With national debt already being at 6 trillion, the U.S. government cannot afford to put this into act. However, some people who support Obamacare claim there will be enough room in the national budget to afford this health care plan, though none of this has been proven. Imagine this program going into effect and having our country in even more in debt than the crisis state it is already in now. The American government simply cannot afford this program. (Avik Roy) Not only is Obamacare going to cost the government more, it is also going to cost the taxpayers more. Obamacare will provide all people with the same health coverage no matter their financial situation. Since Barack Obama considers the average American making $250,000 a year or more, wealthy families will be taxed to help pay for the families who cannot afford health care. Even though everyone will get the same health benefits, the working man will have to pay for the non-working. However, the ones who have never been able to afford healthcare before can now get the health benefits they deserve. The American people, whether wealthy or poor, can’t afford this program as a nation. (National Review) Shonda Werry of the Tea Party Patriots...

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...check-ups. Typically with an HMO, the individual will select their primary care physician within the preferred network. The individual will see their primary care physician for routine check-ups and preventive care. If the individual has a particular issue, they must go to their primary care physician first. If the primary care physician is unable to treat the patient, the patient will be referred to a specialist by their primary care physician. If the individual chooses to see a doctor outside their preferred network, the individual will be subjected to pay 100% of costs. Health maintenance organizations tend to be more cost effect for the insurance provider and less expensive for the patient. When choosing the preferred HMO, the patient must keep in mind several factors. The factors include how often the patient goes to the doctor, if they have a chronic illness, their age, and prescription drug coverage (WebMD, 2015, p.3). The individual must also determine which HMO is best by deciding how much they want to pay in premiums, co-payments, deductibles, and coinsurance (WebMD, 2015, p.3). The best HMO...

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... Health Insurance Matrix As you learn about health care delivery in the United States, it is important to understand the various models of health insurance to develop a working knowledge as you progress through the course. The following matrix is designed to help you develop that knowledge and assist you in understanding how health care is financed and how health insurance influences patients and providers as important foundational information for your role as a future health care worker. Fill in the following matrix. Each box must contain responses between 50 and 100 words using complete sentences. Include APA citations for the content you provide. | |Origin: When was the |What kind of payment |Who pays for care? |What is the access |How does the model affect patients? |How does the model affect providers? | | |model first used? |system is used, such | |structure, such as |Include pros and cons. |Include pros and cons. | | | |as prospective, | |gatekeeper, open-access, | | | | | |retrospective, or | |and so forth? | | | | | ......

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...plans designed to meet different needs. Some types of plans restrict or encourage you to get care from the plan’s network of doctors, hospitals, pharmacies, and other medical service providers. Others pay a greater share of costs for providers outside the plan’s network.” (Comparing health plans). However choosing the best form of medical coverage and being able to pay for it can be stressful to some. Each person and family may need different types of coverage and finding one that suits everyone in the household and accepts all family members due to their medical needs can be hard to find. This case study will look at such a family. A family with multiple medical issues to include, two members having diabetes and being obese, one of which has COPD and a child with asthma. We will look into different health care options and cost, a recommended plan for the family and then take a look at what the family will need within a year. Health care costs & coverage options Health Maintenance Organization Plans (HMOs) have a low out-of-pocket cost, which makes them a good choice if you want to avoid spending a lot of money. Also, since your co-pay commonly covers services outside the basic office visits, it is rather wide ranging. On the other hand, there are disadvantages for the reason that your choices are much more limited versus other plans such as, having to choose one primary care doctor and receiving referrals to see any specialists. There are some doctor’s offices......

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...organizational structure results in jobs that have to be staffed. Job analysis is a procedure through which we find out what the job entails and what kind of qualities a person should have to be hired by an organization. Human resource is a very important asset for any organization and jab analysis and position description is the crown jewel of all. We have analyzed what type of information is included in job description and person specification in order to create job analysis and position description of an HRM lecturer in North South University, a medicine doctor of Square Hospitals and a financial officer of BRAC Bank ltd. We tried to show how that is done through this project report. Over view of the organizations: It was a privilege for us to conduct a research and prepare a term paper on these three reputed organization in Bangladesh. Here is a brief overview of all the three institutions. i. North South University (North South University, n.d.) North South University (NSU), the first private university in Bangladesh, was established in 1992 with the goals of providing high quality higher education, developing human resources, and providing well paying jobs to highly qualified faculty members with foreign degrees. Another key objective was to provide the training and opportunity to students and graduates for higher study abroad, either with a recognized degree or with transfer credits from NSU. This institution has been able to accomplish much of these intents......

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...Functionalism The functionalist perspective is a very important perspective as it focuses on describing each part of society and how they all add to the overall society. The different parts all depend on one another and include the government, which provides children with the education they need, this will then lead on to them being more likely to get a higher paid job which means that there are more taxes paid which helps to keep the government running. With this system, society will be stable and promote productivity but if it does not go to plan, parts of the system will fail and have to find new order and stability. Functionalism highlights the order that exists in society and focuses on social stability and public values. Some functionalists focus on the function of human behaviours, one of these sociologists is Robert Merton who categorised human functions into two sections; ‘manifest functions’ which included the actions that were obvious and intentional such as attending a church to worship as part of a religion and ‘latent functions’ which are actions that are neither intentional or obvious such as when going to the church to worship they are unintentionally going to also separate their personal values from their uniform, work or religious values. Functionalism doesn’t encourage people to be an active role or go about changing their social environment, even if these changes could be useful and good for them. By using the basics to the functionalist perspective,......

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Electronics for nurse 2 Nurse takes/records vitals on paper 2 Wait to see Doctor 2 See Doctor 2 Check Out: 2 Data Collection and Analysis: 3 Type of data collected: 3 Recommendation for collecting proper data using information technology: 3 Recommendation: 3 Digitized Form 4 Data and System Security 4 Ethical Issues: 5 Guidelines: 5 System Requirement’s: 6 System: 6 Other Requirments: 6 Conversion 7 Direct Data Entry 7 Idea: 7 References 8 introduction: I have been called to one of the Atlantic Urological Associates offices to provide recommendations for an efficient information system that will help with the following: * Minimize patient waiting time * Decrease paper work between the office and other healthcare entities * Increase quality of patient care * Optimize the billing and coding process Upon arriving at the doctor’s office I notice the waiting room is full and there is a line of people waiting to check in. Behind the desk is an overstressed receptionist who is trying to manage checking everyone in, answering the phones, and filing/completing paper work. When it is finally my turn she hands me paper work that I would have to fill out if I was a new patient. I find a chair sit down and start filling them out, and 10 minutes later I am called back to the front desk to verify my insurance information, and pharmacy location. After verifying I finally get to set back down to fill out the rest of my papers, looking at......

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