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Should Drinking Age Be Lowered To 18?

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The drinking age has been a topic of debate ever since an age was established. Many years ago, government said that 21 years old would be the minimum age for drinking. This was fine for a while but later became an issue. People started to think of all the things one can do as an 18 year old, yet still not able to drink a beer. At 18 years old one is considered an adult. They become eligible to serve in the military and yield weapons. Also at 18, one can go out to the store and buy a pack of cigarettes. So why can they still not have a beer. This is where controversy has begun. People believe the drinking age should be lowered to 18. Already in some states it is legal for someone to drink at 18, under some circumstances, but why is it not nationwide? …show more content…
In an article posted by Karen Arnold-Burger she gives some of those reasons. One of her first points is that it would save lives. Throughout history we have seen that once Reagan raised the minimum there has been a great difference in the amount of accidents due to drinking. Another of one of her points is that the brain is not developed fully at the age 18. It is now developed until age 21. When a person’s brain has not become fully matured, they would be more willing to do things that could be considered not mature. They more out of adrenaline, rather than thinking it through. Alcohol could add to this effect. Drinking while one is not fully matured yet could slow the process. Many, but not all, people who drink today have become addicted. They get their first beer and then they will always have a beer. Burger says, “the longer we can delay alcohol use, the better the chance that a person will never have a problem with alcohol.” (THE TOP FIVE REASONS WE SHOULD KEEP THE DRINKING AGE AT 21). If we lower the drinking age, it is possible many could become addicted at an earlier age. It is very certain that many that may want to drink 18, may not want to at 21. Therefore we have saved a few keeping the minimum at 21. Today there are many minors that drink that get their alcohol from someone over the age of 21 to buy it for them. Once we lower the drinking age, this could …show more content…
Some of these statistics include that there are already some states that allow drinking under the age of 21, as long as it is done in a controlled environment. We are holding the drinking age at 21 when many states already allow drinking under that age. When talking about drinking, often times the topic of drunk driving accidents and other such things related to this. Well statistics have shown that drunk driving are most common in newly drinkers, regardless of the drinking age being at 21 or 18. This being said there could be just as many drunk driving accidents at age 21 as there would be at 18. This is just due to the fact that they are new drinkers. But also on this same topic, it has been discovered that there are less drunk driving accidents in countries that have a lower minimum drinking age. Another very valid point is money. One of the points stated is, “Underage drinking accounts for 17.5%, or $22.5 billion, of consumer spending for alcohol in the United States.” (18 Interesting Pro Lowering the Drinking Age Statistics). This shows that individuals drinking under the age of 21 is generating revenue. Lowering the drinking age would only help this. The underage drinking that goes on now is done by those that are not afraid of the law, if the minimum age were to be lowered, many would try drinking simply because they are now

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