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Should Fidget Spinners Be Allowed In Classrooms

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Should Fidget Spinners Be Allowed In Classrooms

By: Joseph Burns
Trant 6th Period

Fidget Spinners

Lately the fad of fidget spinners has come up. They are little toys that spin on a ball bearing, and are advertised to reduce stress, anxiety, depression, and autism, but the biggest point they try to make is that it will help with fidgeting for people who suffer from ADHD, hence the name. I feel like the claims are completely bogus. I believe that fidget spinners just cause an even bigger distraction in classrooms, because it causes other classmates to be distracted by it and they distract the person using it from listening to what the teacher is trying to say and doesn’t help them to focus on their work. When teachers are trying to teach, students will be more focused on their fidget spinners rather than on what the teacher is saying. This is counter intuitive to the purpose of the the toy, instead of helping with students focusing, it distracts them. As Jessica Fear states, “While adults in the office may
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So why are we allowing toys to distract students in the classroom now? It makes no sense. So I believe that fidget spinners in the classroom is a bad idea and shouldn’t be allowed, they are only a bigger distraction rather than helping students focus and distracts other students from their work.
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