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Should Parents Be Able to Spank Their Children

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Essay Writing: Should parents be able to spank their children? Spanking children has became an issue in the society. Should parents be able to spank their children? In my opinion, I against this issue because it may hurt the children’s self-esteem, violence may occur between them and also relationship between parents and children will be affected. First, children’s self-esteem may hurt if parents spank their children. When children do things wrong and parents spank them in the heat of the moment may cause them lose their confidence. For instance, a six-year-old child spanked by his parents because he cannot get full marks in his spelling test can cause the child depressed and his self-esteem has been hurt. His confidence also will be lost and may wonder himself can get full marks in the next spelling test. Thus, spanking may cause the children lose their self-esteem. Moreover, violence may occur between the children if parents spank them. When a parent often spank his children, it will directly cause the children suffer in psychological problems. According to Darcia Narvaez Ph.D. (2013), spanking destroys mental health. Spanking may cause the children become violent later in life. Hence, spanking should be stopped among the parents. In addition, relationship between parents and children also will be affected. Children will not trust in their parents because their parents spank them. They will build up a self-protection to against their parents. Therefore, spanking will influence the relationship between parents and children. In conclusion, parents should not be able to spank their children due to those effects stated as above which are children’s self-esteem may be hurt, children may become violent and relationship between parents and children may become worse. Consequently, spanking will affect the children’s growth if parents able to spank their children.

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