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Should Principals Be Aware of All Matters Affecting Students

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Should the principal acknowledge the challenges students face? As students, we usually keep all our matters whether personal or school-related to ourselves. This is because; we believe that others won’t understand what we go through everyday due to their lack of understanding or maturity. It is asked whether or not the principals of schools should beware of all matters affecting students, which doesn’t necessarily mean all matters but all matters pertaining to school such as, bullying, classroom sizes, transportation and teacher’s teaching methods. Ever gotten a mean/ rude text on social media? Bullying comes in all forms but, because many students are mostly engaged on using their technology for social media, it is easier for them to be target for bullies via social media. In other words, students can be bullied by others by receiving mean texts and so on. A term used to describe such an action is known as Cyber bullying which many students face. On the television, there are many advertisements based on a scenario where, students are cyber bullied reports such a matter to their teacher or principal, whom finds the “bully” and suspend them for their actions. This is to encourage students that they should report to their principals for; they will assure students that they will make up a solution to the problem and dramatic actions will therefore be taken. Do you get individual attention in class? Many students face all sorts of difficulties concerning their classroom sizes. Classroom sizes doesn’t only pertain to the size of the classroom itself but also the amount of students in a...

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