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Should Professional Athletes' Salaries Be a Limit?

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Should professional athletes’ salaries be a limit? Should the professional athletes’ salaries be limited? This kind of question has been widespread and debated for a period of time. Why? It is because of the popularity of many sport competitions or simply sport fans around the world that support and make this happened. We have started to question about the appropriateness of the amount of salary the professional athletes are offered because the quantity is unbelievably rich and impossibly affordable in the view of common people. For instance, Gareth Bale, a Welsh soccer player, signed a world-record contract moving from his old club Tottenham Hotspur, London to Real Madrid, Spain. The contract is worth 100 million euros and has allowed him to earn 170,000 euros a week, and as we can see the amount of salary is highly beyond the average salary a person should get. This reason makes things understandable when we see our children writing in their articles that in the future they would like to be a professional athlete rather than a salary man. As a result, some people who view it as unfair would give recommendation that the athlete’s salary should be reduced and limited, so that that amount of money could be used for developing in other necessary fields. However, their opinions are likely ignored and taken no action because in the reality there are no such laws and regulations in the first place. In my opinion, there are three main reasons to support my viewpoint what the professional athletes’ salaries shouldn’t be a limit, which are self-devotion to sport and short-career lifespan, job scarcity, and low job security. Firstly, the professional athletes have devoted their lives to sport and have shortcareer lifespan. If you wanted to be a teacher, at what age do you think you have to buckle down and focus on your career? 21? 22? What if you wanted to play professional soccer? What age would the silliness of youth have to draw to a close in order for you to have a chance to play at the top league such as Premier League, La Liga and Bundesliga? 12? 13? Maybe younger and even then your chances of success are slim at best. Lionel Messi, one of the greatest soccer players from Argentina, started to play soccer at the age of 5 and moved to Spain at the age of 13 to play for the FC Barcelona club and continue his career until now. In other words, Messi has devoted imself to soccer since he was young. Moreover, once you made it as a teacher, you can continue your job into your mid 30’s and have a very good living well into your 50s or even 60s. You will also get salary even though you’re retired. Unlike the professional sport, the outlook becomes very different. After devoting all the joys

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of the teenage years we take for granted, professional athletes cannot continue their job into their mid-30s, with no marketable skills. Their ability to play sport is based on the strength of their body. When they are getting old, it becomes clear that they will be sent out to pasture at the ripe old age due to their lack of strength. David Beckham, one of the greatest and most famous soccer players from England, stopped playing soccer in the top league at the age of 32 as he moved to America, where soccer is not big-name. Their money in the bank eases that certainty considerably and it’s no less than they deserve. Secondly, job scarcity of being a professional athlete. How many people can work at Mc Donald’s? Of course, many. Working at Mc Donald’s doesn’t require any special skills or talent. On the other hand, all professional athletes that make it to the big stage have distinguished talent and have had to work very hard in order to make it the big stage. It has to be remembered that there are many sport athletes who never make it to a professional and have to get a regular job while their former peers are making millions. Moreover, in many other jobs the success rate has always higher than soccer. For example, there are probably around 3,500 professional soccer players in England alone while there are 240,000 registered doctors in the same country. Not only all professional soccer players need to have immense talent, but also they have to work really hard to improve their soccer skills. This has to be acknowledged that only a small number of people actually get to play soccer professionally as opposed to other professions. Thirdly, the athletes have low job security. Imagine a 19 year-old basketball sensation in some top US college. He is the real deal with agents and sponsors swarming to get a piece of the next Jordan or Kobe or LeBron, the greatest basketball players in the world. During the practice, he jumps to make an easy lay-up, falls awkwardly for no obvious reason, and blows his knee out. His career is over. The agents and sponsors have forgotten his name before sundown. And that’s basketball, not one of the most physically dangerous sports around. This means that a career-ending injury is a potential outcome every single time athletes take to the court or the pitch or the track or the field or the ice. This is not a risk that other jobs face in any significant way. If those professional athletes get non-remedial injury, their career is over. They can no longer play sport. They have to face with all the outlay used for the rest of their life. Nevertheless, it may be true that wouldn’t it be better to spend the excess money on education, or the medical field? It makes much more sense to invest our money in helping the

community and saving people’s lives. However, there are many professional athletes who give back to communities. Most professional athletes, however, work with charities throughout the year. Each year, millions of dollars from the athletes go toward supporting various causes throughout the world. Davis Beckham supports countless programs, most prominently UNICEF, for which he works as an ambassador and help with the Unite Against AIDs campaign. He also has his own charity called David Beckham Charitable Trust, which provides children with wheelchairs, among other causes. LeBron James raised $2.5 million for the Boys & Girls Clubs of America. He also established the LeBron James Family Foundation. Serena Williams has received numerous awards for her charity work. She is a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, and she has traveled to Ghana with UNICEF to advocate for better education for children in the developing world. In conclusion, for these reasons, I believe that it does not make sense that professional athletes’ salaries should be capped. Earning massively amount of salary, they have to work very hard in order to improve themselves to the big stage. Wouldn’t it be out-of-the-way to just sit alone, snapping your fingers and have everything you want? This is very common that there is no particular way to receive such high salary without working or doing anything. All the professional athletes started their job since they were young. They have devoted their lives to the sport that they love. Furthermore, their talents make themselves even more worth. For example, a professional basketball player can play basketball that anybody else can’t. In my opinion, the professional athletes are the best at what they do and they should deserve it so long as they are charitable and do good things to community. However, as the professional athletes’ salaries keep being paid higher and higher, debates about the limit of their salaries will continue.

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