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Should Research Problems Be Specific

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Society is better without Victim-blaming Victim-blaming is a case where society questions the actions of the victim instead of the attacker. Hartnell (2016) stated that the idea of victim-blaming has rooted from the book called “The key in the starry night” back in the 1830s. The people realized that the villain’s method of destroying the hero’s soul, which is the method of victim-blaming, can help them escape their insecurities. I despise the idea of using another person just to reduce my fears and increase my fantasies. Because of victim-blaming, victims are afraid to report the immoral deeds done to them in fear of being judged. This issue results to mistrust and misanthropic view of others. They blame other people, even the innocent ones, that they are the reason why they are disgruntled and make foolish mistakes.
“Perpetrators especially sex offenders will try to intimidate the victims to avoid getting caught”, explained by Ms. Barry to the ABC News (Hartnell, 2016). Shame is the abuser’s best insurance against detection. Victim-blaming changes the morality of people for it is also about avoiding vulnerability (Breines,2016). “Victims threaten our thinking that the world is a safe place where good things happen to good people and bad things happen to bad people. If bad things happen to good people, it implies that no one is safe. People will turn their fears into the victim, thinking that he/she brought this danger to them”, explained Armstrong ( 2016). A perfect example for this is the issue about Jonathan Martin from Miami Dolphins. Martin left the team because he receives threatening text messages from another player. However, he only stated...

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