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Should Schools Require Students to Wear Uniforms


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Requiring students to wear school uniforms is like putting a band-aid on a wound without bothering to clean it up. We successfully hide it for awhile, but if there was anything in the wound to cause problems, it's still there. Then, you have a bigger conflict because sooner or later an infection will set in and then the real trouble begins. The idea of uniforms can clash with the more fundamental and creative values of modern education – values which are increasingly important to our ever growing society. Many schools all throughout the world manage to maintain high school standards of discipline and academic performance without using uniforms. School uniforms aren't beneficial towards school communities.
The quality of being an individual is exactly what school uniforms inhibit students from having. Many people use clothes as a form of self expression, and making school uniforms mandatory can take away the sense of originality that is important to students. Kids start to cultivate their own sense of personal style, desperately trying to both fit in and stand out simultaneously. Being self-conscious and often lacking the confidence needed to assert themselves, teens often use clothing and outward appearance to manifest this individuality. Schools, havens of self-discovery and development, should encourage students to pursue their own unique identities and potentials as opposed to encouraging them to all look the same. In social studies, we all learned that the First Amendment states that we have the freedom of expression. How can we expect kids to understand the Constitution when we don’t allow them to use it? Our teachers, parents and community say that it is our goal to rise in society, become something better and learn to be independent. Kids shouldn’t go to school to lose their identity, but instead be encouraged to establish their own person. Uniforms strike at

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