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Should the Federal Government Provide Healthcare for Citizens That Cannot Afford Their Own?

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The Federal Government should provide health care for citizens who cannot afford it. Actually the Government should provide health care for all citizens and legal residents, whether they can afford it or not. Healthcare should be a right; everyone should be entitled to proper healthcare and not be subject to being medically treated or not, based on their financial status. Because of the economic downturn, there is a much higher percentage of citizens that cannot afford to pay for healthcare. Here in the United States the healthcare system is quite complicated; it is operated under a managed care system. There are many people today that are hard working honest citizens that cannot even afford to pay for the healthcare insurance even if it is offered at their job. There are quite a few countries in the world that provide healthcare for all citizens including the United Kingdom and Canada. Right here in the United States the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Healthcare reform is set up to provide healthcare for those who cannot afford, why can’t it be done nationwide. The new health Reform or ‘Obama care’ as it is becoming popularly known as, is designed to assist those who cannot afford proper healthcare.
In my opinion, every citizen or non citizen of a country should be entitled to proper healthcare. Healthcare should be a right and not judged on how much income you have. There are people in this country that have not been treated properly because they do not have any health coverage. They are treated like the underdog and are left to wait for hours in an Emergency Room to be seen. Because they cannot afford to pay for their health coverage, the Federal Government usually has to end up footing the bill. For example I am a chronic asthmatic from birth. I had an asthma attack and went to the emergency room and made to wait for such a long time that when the physician...

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