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Should the Government Tax Media Download's

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Should the Government Tax Media Download’s?
I honestly don’t think that the Government needs to tax media downloads. When the electronic downloads was introduced to the world, the government didn’t enforce taxes on any of the music, e-books, newspapers, magazines, when everyone was trying to make their money and start a new trend of technology like other countries were doing in the world. It’s been more than years since we have been downloading music media to our own personal use. When there was a problem with the music industry making money the Government didn’t step in then to help keep that industry afloat. The Government aloud the music industry to take a big hit and still never enforced taxes and didn’t even stop people from downloading music media, because they wanted the change in technology to take place in this country. Now that there are so many other thing we can download it’s a problem now that the stores and states are complaining about they are not making a profit and now the Government is trying to step in to make them happy, since there are so many people downloading and purchasing items on the internet. I believe if the economy would not had been like it has due to bad Government management, this issue of taxing media downloads would be an issue at all. The Government, small businesses and different States are seeing the increase in media downloads due to not having much money to spin in the economy, because of no jobs and it’s cheaper with no taxes, now they want the Government to pass a law on taxes media downloads because they are losing a little money. If you notice they are not taxing anything else that are being downloaded like books, magazines, and newspapers, because people are still going to local store and being charged taxes for their purchase. Books sales, magazine sales, and newspapers sales has increased in price do to the technology change, but not in a since that people can’t afford the purchases with taxes or no taxes. So I don’t think that media downloads or anything bought on the internet should be taxed, because this country is trying to make money to pay off debt that we never put ourselves (the consumer) in and now they want us to help them with fixing something we didn’t break. Anytime the Government wants to increase or tax something after all this time it is a reason for the taxes and they have came up with a plan on where the new tax money is going to be spent. If our Government stop being so selfish we would not have been in this problem from the beginning and would have never heard anything about this matter because the rich was still getting rich. The minute the rich starts to lose money we are in trouble. We have to then start looking for decreases in jobs and increases in everyday living.

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