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Should the Reference of Religion Sch as in Oath of Allegiance, Coinanage Be Eliminated?

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Should Public References To Religion Such As Those On Coinage And In Oath-taking Or The Pledge Of Allegiance Be Eliminated? Introduction: The court is a place where the people go against the regulations of a country they are charged and faced in the court of Law. The court is there to ensure and maintain Law and order in the republic of any country. With this in mind, it is obvious beyond reasonable doubt that we should all focus on doing the right thing else, the law catches up on one. The government of a country so to speak initiates the law. The lawmakers represent the members of parliament these lawmakers, strategies and enact laws, which are passed in parliament. These laws guide the country against its endeavors. The laws protect the minute people in the society. It prevents bias, prevents them from the harmful effects of the society. A lot of emphasis is placed on the implementation of the set or enacted Laws. The implementation process is then passed on the the police. The police represent that part of the law, the part that is always on the lookout for the wrong doors. The police go into the field; they do the manual assessment and look out for these wrong doors. Any criminal court is then taken to jail. The jail represents the rehabilitation center of these criminals. History, has seen that previously, fairness, truth, justice did not prevail. These forced many people to be taken to jail for no reason. Some of the factors that contributed to the issue of people being jailed for no reason include Hatred, influence by the police themselves, and influence by the senior

YourLastName 2 members in the society. All these factors have greatly contributed to the intervention of the court system. The court is responsible for overseeing and ensuring that people implicated and...

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