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Should There Be an Internet Sales Tax?

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Should there be an Internet sales tax? Should we tax the Internet? That's a question that lingers in our minds. I think Internet taxation means that there will be taxes applied to things purchased on the Internet. Sales made over the Internet are called "E-commerce". As the Internet grows so does the the taxes and the overall cost of doing business via the Internet. The Internet sales tax issue came about in 1998, that's when the Internet was just starting to open up. This is an issue that covers many grounds. A issue for both sides Internet taxation is a very hot button issue that has hit all sides of the spectrum in heated debates. The misconception is that Internet sales tax is simply taxing of purchases brought on the Internet either through business to consumer e-commerce or consumer-to-consumer e- commerce. As this is one issue another issue is to those behind the scenes is the second half of this "complex issues" the use of the Internet in the lieu of a telephone line. Both of these issues could affect consumers and businesses alike, but in different ways. When we hear Internet Taxation we think of words like "sales tax" But it is much more complicated than just a simple tax on goods sold. All in all the question of whether to tax the Internet is far from black and white. Proponents and Opponents from both sides of the political spectrum do make convincing arguments. But it is all really in the hands of the people. If the people of Democracy believe that is OK to pay taxes endlessly on both the products that they purchased and the tools that they use to do so, then so be it. But the issues of the international trade is still at...

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