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Should Us Have English as Its Official Language?

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Should the United States have English as its official language? Patrice Hobbs Instructor: Tina Miller October 3, 2012

If you are anything like me, when asked, “what is the official language of the United States”’ you would answer with no hesitation’ “English”. Many people believe that there is an official language of the United States. The truth is that the United States doesn’t have an official language. Why wouldn’t a country so large, a country that so many people call their home have an official language? Hopefully this research will lead us to an answer as to why we don’t have an official language. There are many reasons as to why the United States should have an official language. Here are two of the most popular reasons. More than half of the states in the United States have adopted English as their official state language. You must ask yourself, “if the number is that great, why not have the rest of the country adopt it just the same.” Another reason why the United States should have an official language is to be able to conduct all government business in one language. Having English as an official language could possibly eliminate a lot of issues that have occurred and will occur due to words getting misplaced during translations. It will be very important for the United States to adopt English as its official language. Having an official language can possibly help with how the country flows. It will allow all government documents and issues to be presented in one language. There will be no room for mistakes that could happen during the translation of a document. In my preliminary research, I have found that the debate on adopting English as the official language of the United States has been going on for years. New amendments are being brought up at almost all sessions of Congress. I have also found that such...

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