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Show How the World Has Changed Since Invention of the Cell Phone.

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I wonder how would people communicate if Alexander Graham Bell hadn’t invented the first phone, which could transmit the human voice? Admittedly, thanks to his invention, the branch of information communication in history in the world was entered the new era. Especially, the appearance of mobile phone have not only created solidly foundations for phones generation thereafter but also made the life become easier in comparison with the phone before.
One of the most noticeable discrepancies is the convenience. It is not easy when bring old phone generation away wherever because it is too heavy and cumbersome, furthermore, connecting with others, you have to ensure that your phone is always provided amount of power needed through electric wires which is joined with sources. In contrast, bringing away cell phone accompanied very easy because it is thinner and lighter than the phone before and it is connected by finding base stations, linked to the telephone network through cables and to other base stations without electric wires or power sources. For that reason, using cell phone helped people connect with others more opportune.
Another discrepancy is diversity in communication. Not just has features are hear and call as the old phones, mobile phone still has other feature like texting which is also often referred to as short message service (SMS). The service allows for text messages to be sent from one cell phone to another cell phone, therefore, it makes contact become more favourable. In addition, utilizing SMS could able to save money because the cost have to pay for one message is much cheaper than phoning.
Finally, cell phone has the advantage not only in connection but also in entertainment. It was integrated some games have high entertainment characteristic, such as snake game, which is the first actual game on a phone and the rules of game is guide the snake…...

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