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Mid-Term Study Guide: Rel 3510 Spring 2013

On your mid-term exam, you will answer 20 multiple choice questions (40 pts.), and I will ask you to identify in a few sentences four names or terms, drawn from a longer list (20 pts.). A good identification will answer the questions: who, what, when, where, why (if all of these are relevant). You will see these names or terms for the first time on the exam, but they will not be obscure. You will be able to choose the four that you can best identify from a list of 8-10.

Finally, I will ask you to write one of the following essay questions. If you prepare an outline in advance for each of the questions, you will be well prepared for the exam. (40 pts.)

1. In the theological debate inaugurated by the priest, Arius, the interpretation of Proverbs 8:22 ("The Lord created me and before the ages He established me...") plays a key role. Explain how Arius understood this passage and what implications it had for his Christology. What was the response of his theological opponents, and what was the outcome of the debate for Arius, and for the Church?

2. Marcion initiated an important debate that has been held responsible for the impetus in the Church to establish a New Testament canon. Explain Marcion’s view of Christian scriptures. What position did he take concerning the Hebrew Bible or Old Testament? Why? What did his position imply concerning the nature of the Old Testament God, and the relationship between Judaism and Christianity? How did the Church respond?

3. Roman and North African churches were beset by conflict during the third century concerning the Church’s ability to forgive certain egregious sins, which entailed a larger concern for moral requirements for membership in the Church. Explain how the controversy between Hippolytus and Callistus, and between Novatian, Cornelius, and Cyprian of Carthage drew...

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