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Sunday Bingo
Mitchell Hall Doors open 1.30pm/Games Start 3pm 18 NOV 2012 | | | | Half Time | 9 ON PACKS | $9.00 | SUPER CHAMP #1 (24 regular games, 3 for jackpots 1,2,3) | $24.00 | $15.00 | 6 ON PACKS | $6.00 | SUPER CHAMP #2 (36 regular games, 6 for jackpots 1,2,3) | $29.00 | $20.00 | JACKPOTS 1, 2 & 3 | $2.00 ea | SUPER CHAMP #3 (48 regular games, 9 for jackpots 1,2,3) | $34.00 | $25.00 | JACKPOT 4 | $4.00 | SUPER CHAMP #4 (96 regular games, 15 for jackpots 1,2,3) | $50.00 | $30.00 | JACKPOT 5 | $3.00 | SPECIAL: 2 SUPER CHAMP #4 in same machine | $80.00 | | NITE OWLS | $1.00 ea | *NOTE: Jackpots 4 & 5 are not included in any package | | | PICK 7s | $1.00 ea | And must be purchased separately. | | | HOT BALL | $1.00 | | | | SMALL DABBERS | $1.50 | | | | LARGE DABBERS | $2.00 | | | |

1. CheckMark, (Blue Border Cards)------------------------------------------------------------------- | $100.00 | 2. Small Crazy Kite (Orange Border Cards)----------------------------------------------------------- | $100.00 | 3. 4 Corner Brackets, 1 Wild Number (Green Border Cards)--------------------------------------- | $100.00 | JACKPOT #1 Small Picture Frame (14 numbers or less)(Orange Screen Cards)------------------ | $1000.00 | Consolation: | $100.00 | 4. Double Crosses (Yellow Border Cards)------------------------------------------------------------- | $100.00 | 5. Crazy Bowtie (Pink Border Cards)------------------------------------------------------------------ | $100.00 | JACKPOT #2 On The Way Double Bingo(Brown Screen Cards)------------------------------------- | $75.00 | Coverall in 53 numbers or less---------------------------------------------------------------------- | $3000.00 | Consolation: | $150.00 | ---------------HALF TIME------------- | | Pick 7 – 10# or less $1000, 11#’s $800, 12#’s $700, 13#’s $600, 14#’s $500, 15#’s $400, | | 16#’s $300, 17#’s $200, more than 17 #’s $100 | | | | 6. B & O Row (Gray Border Cards)-------------------------------------------------------------------- | $100.00 | 7. Stamp & 4 Corners (Olive Border Cards)---------------------------------------------------------- | $100.00 | 8. 2 Horizontal Lines Anywhere, 1 Wild Number (Red Border Cards)------------------------------- | $100.00 | JACKPOT #3 Any Straight Line Bingo 5#’s or less(Olive Screen Cards)--------------------------- | $500.00 | 6#’s or less $400.00, 7#’s or less $200.00, more than 7 numbers--------------------------------- | $100.00 | 9. Little Brown Jug (Purple Border Cards)------------------------------------------------------------ | $100.00 | JACKPOT #4 On the Way Small Picture Frame (Blue Screen Cards)------------------------------- | $50.00 | Single Coverall------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ | $100.00 | Double Coverall 62 numbers or less ------------------------------------------------------------------ | $10000.00 | Consolation: | $200.00 | 10. Plus Sign(Brown Border Cards)------------------------------------------------------------------- | $100.00 | JACKPOT #5 Coverall (53 numbers or less) (Aqua Border Cards)--------------------------------- | $5000.00 | Consolation: | $200.00 | Nite Owl #1 Single Bingo (Purple Stripe Cards)------------------------------------------------------ | $75.00 | Nite Owl #2 Single Bingo (Pink Stripe Cards)--------------------------------------------------------- | $75.00 |

HOT BALL: $50.00
Must be a club member in order to play; otherwise there will be a $5.00 admission fee.
There is a $6.00 minimum buy in. You must have the last number called in order to have a valid bingo.
Once the letter of the ball has been announced, the number must be called and will count as the last number called.
You must call “BINGO” loud enough for the caller to hear!!!
Also the HOTBALL is NOT played during Pick 7, NiteOwl #1 or #2.
No children under age 7 allowed at Bingo.

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