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Siemens - Business Ethics

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Introduction of the company:
Siemens has been active in Pakistan since the country’s birth in 1947, and holds leading positions in its Industry, Energy and Healthcare Sectors. Siemens IT Solutions and Services operates across all three Sectors. Siemens is the country’s Number One supplier of high-voltage grid stations, switchgear products and systems, power distribution and power transformers, and network consultancy. The company has also built a new 220-kV power transformer factory, and is poised to meet the demand in this sector nationally and in the region.
Siemens' overall involvement in the region dates back almost 140 years. The company's name first became known through the construction of the Indo-European telegraph line from London to Calcutta in 1870. Siemens' first office in what is now Pakistan opened in 1922. The Siemens Pakistan Engineering Company Ltd. was founded in 1953 as a private company, and in 1963 the company was reorganized as a public limited company.

Introduction and purpose:
This Code of conduct (Ethics) of Siemens Pakistan Engineering Co. Ltd. ("the Company") helps in maintaining and following the standards of business conduct of the Company. The purpose of the Code is to deter wrong-doing, promote ethical conduct in the Company and ensure compliance with the legal requirements, the matters covered in this Code are of the utmost importance to the Company, its stakeholders and business partners. Further, these are essential so that the Company can conduct its business in accordance with its stated values and its legitimate interests.

The Code is applicable to the following persons unless repugnant to the context or specified otherwise in this code:
(a)Members of the Board of Directors of the Company; and
(b)Senior Managerial Personnel i.e. all members of management at including all functional heads and such other...

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