Siginificant Event

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Running head: SIGNIFICANT EVENT 1 Significant Event Paul A. Parker Strayer University Introduction to Psychology PSY105039VA016-1142-001 Professor Donna Joy February 27, 2014

SIGNIFICANT EVENT 2 Abstract This is one of the toughest situations that I had to go through prior to reaching adulthood. As a competitor it was also very difficult for me to work through especially when the neighborhood I grew up in prepared me to be ready for any competition. In my neighborhood sports was rank first and depending on the season all the guys participated you didn’t have a choice you just hope you were on the winning team. So when I and others from the neighborhood reach high school we had no doubts about making any team we tried out for. Sigmund Freud crowd behavior theory was definitely at work in west Baltimore, the biggest worry was what sport we wanted to play.

SIGNIFICANT EVENT 3 Significant Event It was summer I had just graduated and would be entering senior high school in the fall. Football tryouts would begin the first week of August and the squad would be chosen by the end of August. I had heard the coaches talk about how fast I was and quick to pick up on different positions, wide receiver and safety position especially. My profile 110 pounds 5’9’ with board shoulders and not afraid to hit somebody or tackle. Although since school was not officially open and, we were not practicing in football gear it never dawn on me I had only met the newbies. The coaches were watching that was all that matter me. The last week of practice came and when I made the team got my equipment and boy I was pumped a few catches, ran a couple of plays the coaches all were smiling and saying I would be a…...