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Sign Language for You and Your Child

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In this documentary we are educated about how Sign language is an independent, complete language; and how hearing parents can acquire it to teach it to their deaf child; and how parents can learn to accept their child as Deaf. Sign language uses body language, facial expressions and gestures to convey meaning as opposed to using voice i.e. LSQ opposed French. It is not only used by deaf people but also by people who cannot speak. It is import for parents to learn and teach their child sign language as early as possible; and encourage people around them to learn it as well because it is critical to sign around Deaf people all the time. Sign language might seem hard to learn at first but motivation is the key; and it is easier for people to sign than for the deaf child to speak. As people learn to sign, they also learn that most of their perceptions were based on false information. Signing comes naturally to Deaf people and it is essential that the child’s foundation should be in sign language first and then English should be their second language. Just like any other language, deaf children will “baby talk” first, but their language will evolve and become more complex with time. It is important for the Deaf child and the family to immerse in the Deaf community and learn about Deaf culture; and for the Deaf child to develop a strong self-identity. Parents of the Deaf child should understand that the child has a different way of life and they should not limit to the one hope that the child will one day begin to hear and speak. They should never give up, and should accept the child...

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