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Signal Analyzing Kit

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S.M. Hasanur Rahman
C/O,M.A.Samad, Holding No# 778, Post:Noapara,Village: Guakhola, Thana: Avayanagar, District: jessore, Country:Bangladesh ,Post code-7460. e-mail:

( To build up my career in the field of Telecommunication engineering.
( To be a professional technical leader and efficient manager.
( Willing to work in an environment where I can utilize my experiences and always get the feelings that I am developing through my works.

JOB EXPERIENCE : 5 Years in the field of telecommunication sector and one year in data communication field


❖ Experience on Quality Audit and Acceptance: ➢ 3 Years work experience in Grameenphone Ltd. (A sister conern of Telenor) as a highly performing quality controller and acceptance engineer. I’ve the strong sense and good knowledge on international standard procedure of installation and acceptance of GSM network, Transmission backbone & Optical fibers.

❖ Technical Experience on GSM Network & Power System: ➢ In depth knowledge and installation, commissioning & Maintenance of Ericsson 2202, 2206,2206V2 GSM RBS and HUAWEI 3900 BTS. ➢ Installation, commissioning, acceptance and critical fault handling of PDH transmission network specially PASSOLINK, PASSOLIN+, NEC NEOC, SRAL, SRAL XD, OPTIX RTN equipments. ➢ Practical experience on acceptance and trouble shooting of both MW and optical SDH elements and MUX equipments like SRA4, SRA3, hiT 7050, hiT 7070, SMA, PASSO+(1+1), NEO,DWDM MUX, SIEMENS DI MUX etc. ➢ Basic knowledge and 1st level fault handeling of DC power system like BSMC, BSMC BD, ELTEK and DELTA rectifier. ➢ Operation and maintenance of various types of auto generators with cost effective solutions. ➢ Sharp knowledge on different...

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