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Ralph Molina

Introduction to Psychology
May 26th, 2013
Developing and overcoming cancer was a major event that affected my personality, and how I dealt with my relatives and therapist and the outcomes from its treatment.

Many of those moments or psychological moments were significantly affecting:
* Memory
* Tension
* Anxiety
* Depression
* Sleep disturbance
* Emotional disturbance
It did not affect my memory completely as I was able to retain all images of my cancer
treatment, but not in detail as well as the way family and friends treated me, and retrieving all this information made me feel completely depressed, nervous and full of anxiety.
Even though the representations of those moments are not accurate, they are veridical. These emotional memories were coming back to me repeatedly ( Janoff-Bulman 1992), constantly recurring, and psychologically disturbing, full of negative events like death association. These memories were constantly telling me what happened. These same memories represented visual forms of sensory images that were not accurate as I could not and still can’t remember fully in detail step by step each occurrence. They are only visual images that are fading away and are not so accurate anymore as those sensory images are not coming back as constantly as before.
They are not as accurate as memory is an active, reconstructive process rather than a passive, reproductive process, and in the process of reconstructing a memory narrative, errors can occur, but for the most part, memory does its job by bringing descriptions consistently with the general form and content of past experiences, even if particular details, in this case, my cancer treatment, were lost or distorted in the act of remembering.
These significant events had been…...