Significant Events

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Significant Events
Lauren Smith
4 March 2012

Significant Events
The social, economic and political events in the United States throughout the years have shaped the way we live today. After World War II and up until the 1990’s, the United States has gone through major tragedies, schools and jobs have integrated, and President’s have been assassinated.

Central High School in Little Rock, AK, forced to integrate became known as the little rock 9. September 20, 1957, Judge Ronald N. Davies granted the NAACP lawyers, Thurgood Marshall and Wiley Branton the right to stop governor Faubus from using the National Guard to stop the nine black students from entering the high school. After finally agreeing to not use the National Guard, he wished the students would stay away until integration could occur without violence. He knew there would be violence African Americans in their school.
September 23, 1957 the nine black students were off to school. Being smart, they went in through the rear so they could avoid as many conflicts as possible. White mobs joined together to protest the new students while reporters met to support the black students. All of the white mobs went crazy when they finally heard that the new students were in their high school. The nine black students actually exited out the rear of the building the minute the mobs came so they would not get hurt.
The following day President Eisenhower actually sent the 101st Airborne Division so the students would finish their education. Each student had their own patroller but whites still hurt the black students. Melba Patillo was stabbed in the hallway and had acid sprayed in her eyes. If it weren’t for her patroller pouring water in her eyes right away, she would have been blind the rest of her life. A few weeks later the patrollers were relieved of their body guard duties and…...

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