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Chapter 7 review
a-acid b- acid c- acid d-base
a-hydrochloric acid b-calcium hydroxide c-carbonic acid d-nitric acid e-sulfurous acid
a- Mg(OH)2 b-HF c- H3PO4 d- LiOH e- Cu(OH)2
a- HI is the acid and F- is the base b- H20 is the acid and f- is the base
a- F- fluoride ion b-OH- hydroxide ion c- HCO3- bicarbonate ion d- So42- sulfate ion
a- HCCO3- bicarbonate ion b- H3O+ hydronium ion c- H3PO4 phosphoric acid d- HBr hydrobromic acid
a- acid H2CO: conjugate base b- acid NH4: conjugate base c- acid HCN : conjugate base
a-HBr b- HSO4- c-H2CO3
a- HSO4 b- HF c- HCO3
H20= OH because on of each is produced everytime a proton transfers from one water to another
In an acidic solution H3O is greater than OH
a- acidic b-basic c- basic d-acidic
In a natural solution H3O is 1.0 X 10-7
a-basic b-acidic c-basic d- acidic
a-4.0 b-8.5 c-9.0 d-3.40
a- ZnBr + Co2 + H2O b- ZnCl2+ H2 c- NaCl + H2O + CO2
a- MgCl2 + 2H2O b- Li3PO4 + 3H2O
a- Ma2So + 2H20 b- FeCl3 + 3H20 c-MgCo3 + 2H2O
0.829 M HCl
0.125 M H2SO4
B and C are buffer systems. B contains the weak acid and C contains HF
a-a buffer system keeps the pH constant b- to neutralize any H+ constant c- the added H+ reacts the the F- from NaF d- the added OH- is neutralized by...

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