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Signs of a Living Thing

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Today, studies have shown that in order to be considered a living organism, it must have eight characteristics: 1. They need to be able to reproduce 2. Pass along their traits through DNA 3. Consume energy and expel waste products to maintain homeostasis 4. Be able to respond to their environment 5. Respond to stimulus 6. Change over time 7. Can differ as individuals while being part of a species 8. Consist of bio molecules arranged into cells, which have definite internal structures and functions and in the more complicated like forms, are organized into tissues and organs that also have definite structures and functions. (Biology, 2012)
They have to be able to take in some kind of oxygen for example, the way that trees and plants do. Plants and trees are able to reproduce themselves and absorb and respond to the environment around them and reproduce; they absorb the moisture from the grown and the heat from the sun around them and grow bigger and stronger.
If you look at sand or a piece of wood, these are not classified as a living thing because they do not respond to their environment; they’re not able to reproduce. However, they do change over time. Looking at some other things to compare; a snail for example, contains large amounts of carbon and changes overtime. A rock, just like a piece of wood for example can be weathered down by its environment but doesn’t respond to stimuli. Another example is if there is a predator nearby, a rock remains unharmed but the snail’s reaction is to panic. Unlike the snail, a rock doesn’t reproduce but breaks down and doesn’t eat and don’t reproduce.
Lets now look at a tree compared to a rock. We know that they do not reproduce or eat or deposit waste but a tree on the other hand, does even though the human eye cannot see it. A tree eats the energy from the sun and the waste that it deposits...

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