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Cambodia becomes controlled and protected by France. The French established a French/Cambodian civilisation that had a known ruling class. At the top and in the midst of this was the Cambodian King. The French did nothing to change or override the existing ruling ways, but worked with the king rather than overpowering them. The French Colonial rule lasts for 90 years.
Cambodia is overlooked by the Japanese who are occupying Cambodia during World War II. Meanwhile, Prince Norodom Sihanouk is crowned King.
The occupation of the Japanese in Cambodia ends.
France reinforces the protectorate of Cambodia. This now permits Cambodians to form political parties. An armed campaign against the French is begun by communist Guerrillas.
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Sihanouk renounces Cambodians relations with the united states. This allows north Vietnamese Guerrillas to create bases in Cambodia.
The united states begin to secretly plan a bombing attack against the North Vietnamese on Cambodian land.
Prime minister Lon Nol overthrows Sihanouk’s role and sends his army to fight the north Vietnamese in Cambodia.
Lon Nol is now overthrown by Pol pot and his army (Khmer rouge), who occupies the capital of Cambodia. Sihanouk is head of state for a short period, Cambodia is renamed Kampuchea. All city livers and workers are forced to move to the countryside to become farm/agricultural workers. Money becomes useless and is worth nothing. Many, many people of the educated and middle classes are tortured and executed. The others, starve and die from exhaustion on the fields. The death toll for the next three years is estimated to be 1.6 million people.
Cambodia is renamed again, now to ‘democratic Kampuchea’. Pol Pot elects himself as Prime Minister.
Fights break out in Vietnam.
Vietnamese forces invade Cambodia’s land.
Pol Pot’s forces flee as the Vietnamese take over the capital. Many elements of life are re-established from before the Khmer Rouge

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