Silence Must Be Heard

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Silence Must Be Heard
Good morning and AssalamAlekum Ladies and Gentlemen. It gives me great pleasure to represent an elite university at another elite university however as I speak these words, another Christian house has been ransacked, another neighbourhood ravaged, another bus of Hazaras has been shot up, another sole breadwinner eliminated, another family has been shredded by a Hellfire missile, another father and son exterminated for their beliefs. Welcome to the |slamic Republic Of Pakistan where savagery, hate, barbarianism and injustice are the order of the day. All these maladies, all these evils which have eaten through the fabric of this diverse and varied society, hollowing its roots to an extent where the country teeters on the edge of dismemberment and obliteration are of our own making and shoot from one and one spring alone. Silence.
Silence of those who were the armor of civilization, silence of those who could’ve vetoed the insatiable massacre of humanity , silence of those who proclaimed themselves selected and most importantly the silence of those who called themselves the children of Adam. This nation, this land, this state which was born from the womb of injustice, of wrong, of prejudice quickly forgot what our forefather had stood on and what slogans they had raised when , we, the populace were the ones being persecuted, subjugated. Today, decades later it is us who are the persecutors; it is us who are the subjugators. Every second ,every moment we sit without acting, without defending those in need, we are as guilty as blameworthy as the ones who pull the trigger or swing the sword.
“When people refuse to speak out for too long, it's like water that's stagnant and starts to rot!” is August Strindberg’s grave saying that comes to mind when one witnesses the involuntary acceptance of violence, corruption, vice and dishonesty. We as a…...

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