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There is another department which nothing to do just now.

1- Statistics and research department.

2- Supervision department

3- Loan department

4- All the department there is a relationship between us which is regularly

Although responsible the creating budgeting and controlling of accounting department.

5- There anther department which has a Bank branches which under department of Bank, that located 1. Branch of Hargaysia 2. Branch of Gebiley 3. Branch of Boraoama 4. Branch of Burco 5. Branch of Caynabo 6. Branch of Berbera 7. Branch of Lascanood 8. Branch of Ceerigabo

General Secretary Department

1) This department responsible all the information about Bank.
The document s which sending local and international,
A branch of Bank and things has a near relationship.

2) Department of monitoring and inspector , auditing which responsible research and auditing and responsible for the Bank, the general director of Bank.
Write latter which investigate, but they are not independent direct to what they are investigate.

3) Personnel department office
Which is responsible the employee s affairs what related employees need , creating their programs and promotion , monitoring when employees makes bad action things which is an ethics ,that means transmitted bad thing to another and they transmitted the director of Bank .
4) General central cash department
Department of personnel which responsible manage of money and care of money transmitted of branches, of bank anybody who need.
The money which sent or receives and the authority only have general director of Bank, or the chairman he is no independent without command. 4) Department technical and transformation , which responsible stationary of Bank,
If the Bank need and preached transformation that department responsible.
Names of the department Bank of Somaliland

1. General accountant and controlling department

2. General secretary department

3. Auditing and inspector department

4. Statistics and research department

5. Training department

6. Central cash department

7. Personnel department

8. Supervision department

9. Technical department

10. Loan department

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