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ABSTRACT This study examined pattern of students study habit as a determinant of academic performance of Faculty of Education and Art IBBU Lapai. It also investigated how faculty and gender influences their pattern of study habit. The study employed a descriptive research survey type. The research instrument was titled” Pattern of students study habits determinants Questionnaire”. The face and content validity was ascertained by psychologist and Guidance and Counselling experts. A reliability co- efficient of 0.85 was obtained using split half method. The population of the study includes all faculties of Education and Art in the university. Samples were selected through stratified and random sampling techniques. Two hypotheses were generated and were tested using student t-test and ANOVA at 0.05 level of significance. The descriptive analysis revealed that self concept was very strong determinant of study habit, so also was method of study, family background, socio-economic status, peer group and course of study. Again, gender was found to have no significant difference in Faculty of Education and Art students’ study habit while on the other hand Faculty of Education and Art had a significant difference on their pattern of students study habit. The outcome of this study would be of immense help to Faculty of Education and Art in IBBU Lapai students, helps to improve their study habits skills and in turn facilitate students’ performance. Improvement in students’ academic performance will therefore lead to national development as qualitative manpower will be produced. It was recommended based on the findings that home-front factors should be thoroughly addressed such that students will be able to…...

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