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Simple Living

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Argue whether or not "Simple living" would be beneficial or, even, possible in modern society

In this contemporary society, simple living is an uncommon practice. However, making one’s life simple requires consistency, determination, and demanding practice. Everyone perceives the meaning of simple living differently since it is a deliberate way of living. For example, some people are willing to forgo everyday amenities such as cell phones, televisions, and the internet whereas some others are not, but instead are ready to give up things like expensive cars, jewelries, large homes, and so on. Although, downsizing one’s life requires people to do without certain things, it’s satisfying and rewarding since it helps to reduce expenses and consumption, alleviate stress and hassles in life, and improve the quality of life.

Simplifying one’s life makes one refrain from frivolous spending and excessive consumption, which will consequently increase savings so that expenses can be met on time. One would be well-budgeted to meet unforeseen circumstances. Moreover, most people do not know the difference between needs and wants. For instance, a Mercedes Benz, which is a luxury good could be considered a basic necessity in this modern society. Everyone needs the basic necessities, that is, food, water, clothes, and shelter to subsist. However, reducing unnecessary possession and consumption on these necessities would be of a great deal of help. For example, instead of eating outside, one could buy groceries and prepare a great meal at home, which is healthier, and also purchase clothes that are needed and houses that are affordable instead of buying costly ones merely to impress people. A simple living advocate concludes that “simplicity yields lasting satisfactions that more than compensate for the fleeting pleasures of consumerism” (Elgine 5). This modern society is...

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