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Analysis Big Arms is looking to expand its presence into the United States. Currently there are 2 dealers/wholesalers that encompass the Big Distribution Network in America. The majority of sales are taking place in Europe or Asian countries. The American Market is an evolving market in the weapons trade. The right to bear arms is the right to reap profit.
Objectives Online
• expand on product worthiness (what sets Big apart from other manufacturers in the same field)
• improve online communication, information, and education,
• build more awareness of and interest in Big Arms on the Internet, and
• communicate the web site’s existence and advantages to existing clients.
Objectives Offline
• build face to face relationships with gun dealers and wholesalers
• product placement and public awareness

Tactics Online
• sharing experience and observations in the weapons industry through participation in discussion boards, while being transparent in your intentions
• monthly newsletter
• listing/submitting your site to targeted search engines and directories.
• Google adwords
• Youtube product introduction/demonstration, product testing, more elaborate than just a video of someone shooting the product
• establish all social media sites Twitter, Youtube, and Facebook
• all webpages display Twitter, Youtube, and Facebook widgets
• possible forum linked to webpage so customers can blog about their Big Products
• On social networking sites monthly drawings for the 1000th email, this promotes interest in our facebook and twitter accounts Tactics Offline
• face to face visits with gunshops and wholesalers i.e. leave literature and free products to gain interest
• visit not only yearly trade shows, but smaller gun shows that usually draw a large crowd of gun fanatics
• design and print stickers to accompany products but also to give away to dealers and at trade shows maybe also some writing pens
• vehicle graphics for advertising

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