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The story is about a girl who does'nt believe in herself.
Her struggles, hopes, dreams, how she sees the world and how she found true love.

Chapter I

Dear Caleb Shane Sy ,
I am worried about my friends' health. I think that you're the one to blame because if it weren't for you and your "charisma" or whatever, they will not be feeling so low, and ugly. So I decided to borrow your number from one of my friends and buy a cheap sim so that I can send you this letter. Anyway best wishes... NOT. I hope that you will grow warts and other weird things on your face so that my friends will be cured of the "Caleb fever" they have been infected with. You'll probably never know me... ever because I'll probably rip the sim apart even before you can finish reading this. I'll even mail the remains of the sim to you if I had known your address but I don't so I'll just leave it infront of a public place then buy myself some celebratory ice cream. So good day to you. XOXOXO, Y

(sent: 11:05 am)

Valerie Ylise Ramos' POV

Van-van! anong ginagawa mo diyan?! sinabi nang tigil-tigilan mo ang pananakot sa mga crush namin eh. Wala naman silang masamang balak ni hindi pa nga kami close niyan eh! di pa nga nareply! aa naman eh! hahanap nanaman ako nang bagong crush! - Al

Ay nako Al, wala naman akong gianagawa ah. Kung makapag bintang ka! Parang mas kinakampihan mo pa yang crush mo ah! ako na bestfriend mo ipagpapalit mo sa lalaking di mo naman lubos kilala?! - me (van-van)

Ay awan sa iyo Van, magdradarama ka nanaman ha?! tumigil ka at mahahambalos kita! wala akong pake kung ginagalang ka dito sa school! Vice-Governor ng student council walang alam kung hindi manira ng love life ng kaibigan! Ay naku makaalis na nga bibili…...

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