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Music is one of an important part of life. It is a form of expression. It has no boundaries, and it follow no guidelines. Essentially, to me, music is like air. It has no true shape or definition, yet we need it in our life. Imagine a world without music. All you’re left is dust. Music is live itself.
Let me tell you something, whether you realize or not every single thing around us is music. Even the nature itself is a music. The most beautiful music in the world is the music of nature. It’s bring peace in heart and mind. It’s harmonize music makes me keep my mind at ease. All the problem is like a piece of sketch when we face it with the symphonic of nature around us. Sound of birds chirping, rain drop and the flows of the river are an example of the music of nature.
The more we explore about music, just then we would realise that it is not only all about rhythm, melody or harmony. In the different angle of music is also a tool for learning, therapy and teaching because it can adjust our moods, and used throughout our lives. So we must manipulate the music so it can posses us with a positive in our daily life. Music can make a huge change and development, the question is how we make use of it? Whether we use it wisely as a medium too succeed or we are the one who being manipulise by it.
When people happy, sad, angry and lots more type of emotion that they confront, it’s very common thing for them to listen to the music genre that are suitable for whatever they felt at that very moment. Every single song that are compose by the composer are usually based on the what happen in one’s life generally. Not only that, they also make a song based on their own experience. There are lots of famous musicians and composer in the past such as Mozart, Beethoven, Chaplin and many more. All of them are part of music history that succeed to make live till at this very moment.
I used to have a friend that love music so much in his life. He is literally a pianist a very good one actually. His passion towards music pull him into a deep love with piano as deep as his love towards his parents. He can describe as a music genius for someone around our age. Lots of normal people maybe will get tired if they stay in the music room piano the whole day but it’s the opposite for him. He never get bored of music especially with his favorite instrument piano. He also one of popular boy in school, but that’s not important for him as long as no crush his love music.
Daniel Wong, that’s his name, my best friend. Now, everything about him just flew by the time passes. All the moment with him are now only parts of memory as he died 5 years ago due to brain cancer. The only thing that left by him for me besides the memory is a sheet of a song compose by himself. ‘Beautiful Smile’, that’s the title of the song that he compose. It’s the song of encouragement which told one’s to keep move forward without forget to smile because it just pathetic when you at the top without a beautiful smile on your face. It’s a message from him for me and a piece of memory of his beautiful smile.
Just now is a scope of the story about music from my own experience. Each person has their own different story about music, so keep it as a part of your journey of life. Nowadays, popular music genre that catch teens heart is love song. The singer that are famous among this song is such as Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, Greyson Chance and many more. Most of this singer are also teens, that’s why it’s easily to catch the teens attention to falls for the song.
Hence, ‘Everything Is Sound’ by Jason Mraz, portrayed that the music will continue revolutionise and it won’t die. It hold memories. It spark any emotion and tells us stories. It will always be life. You can’t touch music, but music can touch you.

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