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Achieving project goals simulation
Marty Gordon
University of Phoenix
Project Management
Dr.William Dickie
May 06, 2010

Achieving project goals simulation
The Operation Elephants’ Ark simulation was quite a learning experience. Never being involved in a well designed and orchestrated project such as this before, I found the simulation to be a very instrumental tool in helping to understand the concept and theories behind the project management practice. It helped to realize the thorough and in-depth planning that goes into managing a project, well before the plan goes into action.
Perspective of project management
Understanding what the main focus of the project is and the expected desired outcome, is very important. A project that is properly staffed not only with enough resources but also appropriate, and knowledgeable resources can ensure the project is well covered.


Transport eight elephants safely from the Zakinaka National Park, to a special conservation area

located in Ungoba. The trip will involve the use of two recovery trucks, four trailer trucks (two at

the Zakinaka site and two at the Ungoba site), and one airplane.


Hiring a team to operate a helicopter for identifying the eight elephants within the herd. This

team will also be armed with tranquilizer guns to bring down the elephants. Hiring veterinarians

to administer health assessment tests on each of the eight elephants, by taking hair and blood

samples. A couple team members to spray the elephants down with water, as to prevent the

elephants from experiencing dehydration and to keep them cool. Two team members will fit each

elephant with a global positioning devices, to track the elephants once they arrive and continue

their lives in the new conservation area…...