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Sin in Judaism and Christianity

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Yasmeen Nabulsi Jennifer Hunter April 9, 2015

Obtaining Forgiveness of Sin

When we hear the word “sin”, we all automatically know someone is up to no good. This meaning going against what is socially acceptable or doing something out of the norm of what some may define as sin. Everyone has different perceptions of what sin really is depending on your religious views and beliefs. Yet, all have committed sin, there are ways to obtain forgiveness. Judaism and Christianity share and differentiate conceptions of sin and their ways to obtain forgiveness. In Judaism, there are two types of sin; one is against God, and the other against people. Sin against God could be making a promise and not keeping it. Sin against people is being hurtful to another, physically or mentally. Early rabbis taught that God gave each human two impulses,”good impulse” and “evil impulse”. The “evil impulse” was not in us to make a decision to satisfy our own needs but to be a part of human life and making decisions with the “good impulse” to give us the natural balance in life. “In contrast with other religions of the ancient Near East, evil is not built into the structure of the universe, but rather is the product of human choices.”(Voorst,247) In Christianity, there is one type of sin, Original Sin. Original sin is the sin you are naturally born with. Christians believe that they are born with this sin because God placed Adam and Eve in the garden with the tree that Adam had ate the apple from the tree


known as, The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. From Adam’s disobedience of eating the forbidden apple, we have all “inherited” this sin. “Christians must worship God but also live their entire lives in God’s will. Jesus affirmed that the main point of this obedience is to love God and to love one’s neighbor.”(Voorst, 282). These religions compare in sin by being monotheistic and...

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