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Singapore Press Holdings Ltd (SPH) was incorporated in 1984. Its success is built on the long history and rich heritage of two flagship newspaper products. The Straits Times, the english language daily and LianHe Zaobao, the chinese language daily.

SPH was publishes daily newspaper in english, chinese, malay and tamil four titles major language. Everyday, 74 per cent of population above 15 years old read one of SPH's newa publications.

SPH also produces a range of magazines. They publishes and produces more than 100 magazines titles and various online sites. They has also launched its digital editions which include smartphone applications and a web application. Readers can browse news and infotainment via online.

SPH ST701 a new media online market place for jobs, cars, property and shops an leading online classified sites in the region. A portal that connets engages and interacts with readers on the web and mobile phone.

SPH radio business operates entertainment stations UFM 100.3 in mandarin, as well as Kiss92 and HotFM 91.3 in english.

SPH REIT a wholly-owned subsidiary of SPH, established to invest in a portfolio of real estate primarily for retail purpose. SPH REIT comprises Paragon, The clementi mall and The Seletar Mall.

SPH’s events subsidiary Sphere Exhibits organises trade events and exhibitions as well as large scale conferences. A leader of digital Out-Of-Home advertising, a network of large outdoor LED billboards at strategic locations.

As the media landscape changes amidst technological advancements, SPH continues to evolve and innovate to stay ahead.

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