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• One unfortunate major bottleneck in the growth of real estate industry is the inadequate and under-equipped government/regulatory agencies with overlapping regulatory jurisdiction ‘approving´ Plans.

• Efficient regulation starts with a uniform building code and its uniform implementation. Forty-three economies globally have adopted uniform construction rules. Generally, a central authority makes the rules and local authorities implement them. When regulations are not organized and not clearly applied, it leads to confusion for builders and authorities about how to proceed. This often leads to delays and uncertainty

• The deteriorating housing affordability is the result of more restrictive land use regulations adopted by governments with insufficient attention to economic fundamentals. It is estimated that out of every Indian rupee invested in housing, Re 0.78 is added to the national GDP. Nevertheless, and in spite of considerable growth, the housing sector remains small and confined to the upper-income population groups. Also, there has been a considerable increase in the value of housing because of restrictive land use regulation, which is a cause of great Financial Crisis. The talk of affordable housing is meaningless if the authorities continue to neglect these issues which are a major contributor to the high real estate prices

• Single Window Clearances is a One Stop Shop for quick processing and issue of various approvals/clearances/permissions required to set up the Industrial undertaking at Single Point with set time limits and Deemed Provisions. The Act came into force with effect from 22nd June 2002.

• A one-stop shop can be organized in different ways. These one-stop shops improve the organization of the review process by better coordinating the efforts of different agencies. That...

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