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Tanya Leadmon English 111 11/04/13 Singularity When Raymond Kurzweil wrote “The Singularity is Near: When Humans Transcend Biology” in 2005, he predicted that Singularity would occur in the year 2045. Singularity is defined as when computers become smarter than humans. Kurzweil truly believes that this will happen in the year 2045. While reading my critique of Kurzweil’s theory, decide for yourself if you believe Singularity will occur in 2045, or ever. Kurzweil describes his law of accelerating returns as exponential increase in technologies like computers, genetics, nanotechnology and robotics, and artificial intelligence. Kurzweil also predicts that once Singularity has been reached, machine intelligence will be a quintillion times more powerful than all human intelligence combined. Before Singularity can occur, Kurzweil states that there will be exponential growth in evolutionary progress, computational capacity, how the brain works, and revolutions in genetics, nanotechnology, and robotics. Kurzweil believes computational capacity will continue to grow exponentially. He feels that a new paradigm will debut to carry on this growth. According to him, this new paradigm will be nanotubes. He goes on to say that the best way to build machine intelligence is to first understand human intelligence. The first step is to peer inside the brain. Kurzweil predicts that during the 2020’s greater details of the brain will surface because nanobots will be able to scan the brain from the inside. He feels that humans will experience gradual conversion as portions of their brain are augmented with neural implants. Next, Kurzweil feels that with sufficient genetic technology it should be possible to maintain the body indefinitely, reversing age, and curing diseases and illnesses. Much of this will be possible due to nanotechnology, which entails the molecule by molecule construction of tools which can “rebuild the physical world.” Finally, the revolution in robotics will be the development on strong Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is machines that have human level intelligence or greater. Kurzweil believes the development of AI will be the most important of the century. He says it will be as important as biology itself. Even though Kurzweil presents a fascinating theory, I have a hard time believing Singularity will occur in 2045. I do agree that computers and technology will become more advanced as time goes on, but I do not think they will outsmart human intelligence. I believe that computers are only as smart as the human that programs it. Computers have advanced tremendously since they were first introduced, but I don’t feel that those advancements are enough for Singularity to occur. Also, if God wanted computers to be the dominate force, he would have created it that way. If he thought that computers would one day take over, wouldn’t it have been easier to go ahead and create Artificial Intelligence instead of human beings? With this being said, these are the main reasons I do not think Singularity will ever occur, let alone in the year 2045. In conclusion, Kurzweil brings to light valid information. The future growth and research of computers, the human brain, and robotics is something to look forward to. Whether or not this will lead to Singularity is yet to be discovered.

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