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Sisters Inventory Management Solution Assignment 2

After speaking to my sister I have put together a plan to help her better track and control her inventory for her company. The first things that she will need are a computer, barcode scanner, barcode reading software such as Redbeam Inventory Tracking Standard Edition which actually comes with a barcode scanner. She will also need to have space to store her inventory. She would also need a cash register and computer to keep track of her business sales and transactions. The cost for all equipment and software is a total of $1,812.50. This cost includes all software and hardware that will be needed to keep track of all purchases and returns.
Installation of the hardware computer system would need to be done during non-operational times of the store. But to use this system effectively all employees need to be trained properly on how to run the system and how to handle any problems that may occur. After the system and hardware are installed all inventory needs to be scanned into the computers inventory system.
The way that this system will make it easier to keep track of all stores inventory is because it will allow the system to automatically delete items purchased at the point of sale. It will also allow the system to be updated as items are also returned by placing the item back into the store’s inventory.
The system can also be programmed to alert store and inventory personnel when to order more of a certain product by entering a number value into the scanner software system. Once that minimum value is reached it will notify my sister that she needs to reorder more clothing to keep in her stock inventory.

This system will make it easier for my sister to keep better track of her inventory. It will also allow it to be easier to do a monthly check on her loss and prevention checks. She will be able to...

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