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Site Selection:
The location of a casino is an important decision, because this raises strategic, regional and local considerations (Hannigan, 2007). A framework of site selection criteria, therefore, should work out to determine the casino location.

Selection Criteria:

The locational determinants are documented as followings to determined our casino development location: (Rephann, 1997)
1. Proximity to larger urban areas
2. Quality of transportation infrastructure:
3. Restrictiveness of state casino gaming regulations
4. Proximity to non-casino-gaming states
5. Scale of casino development
6. Presence of other recreational attractions
7. Qualified Personnel inputs

In addition, other aspect of the potential destinations such as the reputation of the destination, the economic development situation, the potential tourism development opportunities, accessibility problem in VISA restrictions and the risk analysis of the destinations will be taken into consideration.

Attracting elements in choosing Singapore:
After conducting the site selection analysis, it is found that Singapore could be one of the potential destinations to be developed for a new casino. General speaking, the high revenue generated by tourism, the high proportion of people in the highest socio-economic categories, the presence of Singapore’s iconic attractions, the high concentration of hotels and so on making Singapore being a higher potential for the new casino development.

a) Prosperous Singapore Economic situation:
Singapore is a prosperous city with a high living standard proving that it has a sound economic system. It is said that world’s highest millionaire households are in Singapore. It is regarded as one of the best investment destinations across Asia for foreign firms. According to the Business Environment Risk Intelligence (BERI) report (2011)…...