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Situation Analysis and Strategic Recommendations of Bp After Oil Spill Disaster in Usa

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Situation analysis and strategic recommendations of BP
After oil spill disaster in USA

Table of content:

Introduction 3
Executive Summary 3
Approaches 3
Background of BP 3 BP in USA 3
PESTEL analysis of BP in USA 4
Political Environment 4
Economic Environment 5
Socio-cultural Environment 6
Technological Environment 7
Legal Environment 7
Environmental Analysis 8
Summary 8
SWOT Analysis of BP 8
Strengths 9
Weaknesses 9
Opportunities 10
Threats 11 Summary 11
Strategic Recommendations 11
Porter’s Generic Competitive Strategy 11
Ansoff Model 12
Conclusion: 13
References & Bibliography: 15
Appendix: 17

As the global business environment is turbulent and dynamic every business organisation should adopt their strategy with the changing business conditions and conduct external and internal analysis on regular basis to cope up with the changing environment. This paper will analyse the overall situation of BP in USA after the Gulf of Mexico oil disaster. The oil spill creates a new condition for their operation in USA and requires considerable and serious change in the strategic decision making and positioning of the company.
Executive Summary:
This paper will start with a brief background of BP. A PESTEL analysis will be carried out to understand the most problematic areas then a SWOT analysis will be conducted to identify the threats and future opportunities for the company. The final part consists of some strategic recommendations based on Porter's generic model and Ansoff matrix. Approach:
The approach will be used to address the problem or situation is a theoretical model to reflect upon the...

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