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Six Feet Under

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Six Feet Under: A Sociological Analysis

In the HBO series Six Feet Under the story of David and Keith, a gay and interracial couple, is told. Throughout the series the couple has many ups and downs but in the final season they begin to settle down and start to make plans for their future. These plans include becoming parents so they decide to prusue surrogacy. When this attempt fails they attend an adoption fair where they meet Anthony; a young African American boy in foster care. David begins to bond with Anthony right away. After convincing Keith that they should adopt Anthony he and David go to the adoption agency to discuss their options. They then find out that Anthony has an older brother named Durrell. The couple decides to foster the brothers to see if they are a good fit for one another.

Both Anthony and Durrell have extreme trust issues due to their previous experiences with their biological family and in foster care. Durrell is very rebellious and it begins to cause conflict in the house, mainly between him and Keith. When the boys begin to act out he quickly turns to harsh disipline and yelling. This conflict leads to Keith deciding that the boys are not a good fit and need to go back to the agency. David on the other hand has bonded with the brothers and insists that they keep them.

After having the brothers for awhile David expresses feeling like a single mother who is left to do all of the work by himself because of Keith's lack on interest in them. David makes Keith feel guilty for working all the time and not spending time with the boys and convinces him to attend Durrell's school play. After they attend the play things start to improve for the family and they begin working towards a healthy and happy life together. David and Keith's relationship with Anthony and Durrell defies many social norms and socially constructed ideas...

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