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I. Company Profile History 2 Mission, Vision, Goal, Objective, Philosophy of the company 12 Logo and Location 13 Organizational Structure 14 II. Trainings and Activities Management Staff 16 Schedule and Assigned Tasks 17 Special Assignments 24 III. Problems Met Statement of the Problems 27 Alternative Course of Action 28 Recommendation 29 IV. Insight Learned and Implications 30 V. Certification 31 VI. Evaluation 35 VII. Documentation 37 VIII. Curriculum Vitae 45


I take immense pleasure in thanking the following people who became part of my journey for this entire college life. First and foremost, to my beloved professors who have been great instrument for learning and shared wisdom. Also, to our beloved Dean Yolanda Q. Sabas for guiding us through our up and down moments.
I would also like to express my heartfelt thanks to my beloved parents for their blessings, my friends and classmates for their help and wishes for the successful completion of this report. I would also like to thank the people who help me build myself when I was in United States of America. They served as an inspiration as well as my family; I owe them all the great experiences and treasured knowledge that I have right now. I can never be thankful enough for all the kind things that they have done for me. They are the reason why I have lived my dreams and I have built the concrete plan for my own future.

To my father Edgardo M. Robles, you have made my dreams into reality, thank you for giving me a chance to prove to myself and to the whole world that I am not just a pretty face but thus I have a heart, mind and the spirit to face the world with the right attitude and with a smile that no one can ever do better than me.

To the people who under estimated me as a whole, thank you because without you, I will not be able to realize that I am a better person and my parents have brought me up real good.

To my mother Angelita L. Robles, you have given me your whole life. Thank you for always standing by my side no matter what happen, you are always there for me to fight for me and for our family. Thank you for everything and of course thank you for your undying support.

For the school ABE International Business College thank you for providing me the documents that I needed to accomplish this On-The-Job-Training abroad.

Company Profile
Six Flags New England
Throughout most of the 20th century, the park was known as Riverside Park. It started out as a picnic grove called Gallup's Grove in 1870, and was eventually renamed to Riverside Grove, then Riverside Park. Prior to 1900, most of the park's patrons arrived via steamship. The Springfield Street Railway extended its line to the park in 1900 and although Riverside was at the end of the Springfield Street Railway, it was not owned by the railway and is therefore not considered a trolley park, contrary to published reports. In the early 1900s, a few mechanical rides and a carousel were added. The park was purchased, in 1911, by Henry J. Perkins who is responsible for transforming the park from a picnic grove to an amusement park. He built the park's first coaster, The Giant Dip in 1912, which proved to be so popular that another coaster, The Greyhound, was added in 1915. Under Perkins ownership, the park continued to prosper, and additional amusements were added including a 300-foot-diameter pool that became known as Lake Takadip. The original Giant Dip coaster was replaced in 1920 by a new, more thrilling coaster that was twice the size of the Giant and was eventually named Lightning. A third coaster, Whirlwind Racer was added in 1928. By the following year, the Stock Market crash of 1929 took its toll on the park and by 1931 it had gone into foreclosure. For the 1932 season, the park operated only Wednesday through Sunday, and in 1933 it closed. Several attempts to reopen the park failed and it remained closed through 1939, although the grounds were occasionally used for company picnics. A drive-in movie theater was operated in the parking lot from 1937 to 1939.
Edward Carroll Sr. purchased the abandoned park in 1939 and after making improvements, reopened Riverside Park on May 29, 1940. Carroll is credit with rescuing Riverside and turning it into the largest theme park in New England. He purchased the plans and cars of the 1939 New York World's Fair Cyclone Roller Coaster and opened a new coaster in 1941. That coaster, now known as Thunderbolt, is currently operating at the park, and is the oldest coaster within the Six Flags Chain of theme parks. Carroll built the Riverside Park Speedway in 1948, replacing an open air bandstand. Edward Carroll Sr. took a liking to auto racing, a sport that was gaining popularity in the Northeast after World War II, and added it to his slate of attractions at Riverside.
The park continued to add new rides and removed some older ones. The theater and bowling alley were removed in the late 1950s, making Riverside Park a seasonal attraction. The 1960s was a popular period for stock car racing at Riverside Park. NASCAR began to hold events at Riverside Park Speedway in 1976. The winner of the first NASCAR-organized event at Riverside was Bob Polverari.
In 1977, Riverside Park added its first looping roller coaster, The Loop Coaster, later known as Black Widow. The park continued to be a successful park throughout the 1970s, and a log flume ride was added in that period. By the 1980s, the park stopped selling individual ride tickets and began charging a "pay one price" admission. In 1983, Riverside Park added its third roller coaster, which was also the park's second wooden coaster. The owners originally wanted a coaster exactly like the Coney Island Cyclone, but space was limited, so the coaster would need to take up less space and would have sharp twists and turns. It became known as the Riverside Cyclone.
In 1987, Riverside attempted to build a white water rafting ride called the Lost River Water Ride. Plagued with problems, the attraction never opened and was subsequently abandoned. A majority of the ride was demolished in 1989 to make way for Wild River Falls, a waterslide complex consisting of three sets of slides: Riptide, Blue Lightning, and Pipeline. A popular attraction, Wild River Falls remained in operation until the opening of the Island Kingdom waterpark in 1997.
In 1994, Riverside partnered with Lady Luck Gaming in a proposal to build a hotel and dockside casino complex at the park, one of several competing casino proposals in the state. The plan died after Agawam voters rejected a non-binding referendum in support of casino gambling in November.
During the 1996 season, the track on the Musik Express was damaged and the attraction remained closed for a portion of the year. A Chance Chaos was ordered and was scheduled to open for the 1997 season. During the winter of 1996, the Carroll family was approached by Premier Parks of Oklahoma City, OK, who subsequently purchased the park.
For the 1997 season, the new owners invested upward of $20 million on general improvements and several new attractions. Attractions included the Island Kingdom Waterpark which featured children's water play area, several tube slides, a couple of body slides and a wave pool. Other attractions included a Vekoma Suspended Looping Coaster, Mind Eraser, Shipwreck Falls (a shoot the chutes ride), Time Warp (a Vekoma Air Jumper), and Chaos which was quickly replaced by Twister, (a Huss TopSpin), and the northern kiddieland was rethemed and renovated as Startoon Studios. In the process, some older rides such as the Bayern Kurve were removed. In addition to new attractions, many parts of the park were renovated and themed. Main Street U.S.A. was given a makeover, the Southern Center midway was themed to a 1950s city called Rockville. In the North section of the park, a Balloon Race attraction was installed, replacing the Wave Swinger which was relocated to the center of the park in the former location of the Park Offices. Other improvements were a children's play structure called Paul Bunyan's Buzzsaw Company which included to kiddie rides, a new entrance plaza and the Carousel was moved to the front gate and received a new building covering the ride.
In 1998, the park added several more attractions improving the water park which included lazy river, another children's play structure named Hook's Lagoon, a speed slide tower called Cannonball, a family raft slide named Swiss Family Tobaggan, and a multi-slide tower called Big Kahuna. The water park expansion was added to the South End of the park next to the parks log flume replacing two rides, Tri Star and Swiss Bobs, and relocated the Spider next to Mind Eraser and the Mind Scrambler (which was enclosed) to the North End under the park's Sky Ride where it sits now. With The Spider being moved next to Mind Eraser, the parks Sea Dragon was moved next to the Antique Cars.
Aside from the water park 1998, the park also added The Hellevator, a S&S Turbo Drop tower that is 21 stories tall, which was originally painted red. The park also brought back Chaos and located it next to Mind Eraser, and a (Huss Breackdance) named Barrels of Fun next to the kiddie bumper cars and the entrance to the waterpark. The park also added a new kiddie area dubbed Startoon Studios which removed a lot of the aging kiddie rides from the park and leaving only the Bumper Buggies (kiddie bumper cars) in what was Kiddie Land South and the Flying Elephants, Kiddie Himilaya and Rickie's Little Twister coaster in Kiddie Land North. Startoon Studies took over what once was Kiddie Land North and added several rides from Zamperla; Speedtrap, Rio Grande train, Bigfoot Trucks, Crazy Bus, and Kiddie Swings. A new food court was added to the North End and was partially in Startoon Studios and the North End areas in the park.

Six Flags era
On April 1, 1998, Premier Parks acquired the larger Six Flags chain of parks from Time Warner. The park continued to be known as "Riverside" until the end of the 1999 season.
In 1999 the park made a 50% expansion to the water park adding a new slide tower named Shark Attack and a second wave pool called Hurricane Bay. The park added a (Hopkins River Raft) named Blizzard River ride to the North End replacing a set of Dry Slides, the old Bumper Cars. Blizzard River was themed to incorporate the Penguin character from the Batman Franchise but the name of the ride was never changed when the park was allowed to use characters from DC Comics on their rides. An example can be seen at Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom. A new western area was added on a hill behind Shipwreck Falls named Crack Axle Canyon. Crack Axle Canyon included 4 rides three which were new to the park. Barrels of Fun were moved and renamed Rodeo which resided on the top of the hill next to the Tomahawk (Huss Frisbee) and Houdini's Great Escape (Vekoma Madhouse.) The fourth ride to the area was a new floor powered Bumper Cars from (Zamperla.) The park added new additional rides to the South End of the park. The first was a (Chance Double Inverter) named Double Trouble located next to the newly placed Chaos and a (Zamperla) Tea Cups which replaced the parks Slingshot (Flying Carpets) in front of the Colossus Ferris Wheel. Kontiki a (Chance Alipine Bobs) replaced Barrels of Fun.
At the end of the 1999 season, the racetrack was destroyed at that point for a major expansion in the very near future.
The turn of the millennium marked a huge change in the park. Riverside, like many Premier Parks was "flagged" or re-branded as a Six Flags Park. Some of the other parks kept their names with Six Flags branding. Others, like The Great Escape in Lake George, never did get re-branded, but are still Six Flags properties. Riverside Park, though, was re-branded as "Six Flags New England". The main street running through the park was renamed "Carroll Drive" in honor of the family which had owned it for much of its rise to a major New England park. With the re-branding of Six Flags the park added a new front gate plaza.
After the Riverside Park Speedway was removed in 1999, a brand new section of the park was built, themed to DC Comics. The area had several new rides including "Superman: Ride of Steel", the parks premier attraction, which was later rethemed to Bizarro, a steel hyper-coaster. It was designed by Intamin. The layout differs vastly from the other versions of Superman – The Ride Of Steel at sister parks Six Flags America and Darien Lake. A Batman Stunt Show arena was added to the area, a second coaster named Poison Ivy's Tangled Train from (Zierer), Nightwing (Huss Flyaway), and Joker's Wildcard (Indoor Chance Wipeout.)
Besides the DC Comics area the park added a third Coaster called Flashback (Vekoma Boomerang) which replaced the Black Widow and Rotor in the North Area. Flashback was actually built on the site of the kiddie coaster Rolling Thunder. Rolling Thunder, now named Great Chase, replaced the aging Rickie's Little Twister coaster in the renamed/rethemed Startoon Studios which had been giving the name and theme of Looney Tunes Movie Town. The Flying Elephants were replaced by a similar ride themed to Marvin the Martian and a live stage show replaced the Kiddie Himilaya. Other additions were an expansion to the Hellevator adding two additional towers which were capable of a three mode operating mode which included the Turbo Drop, Space Shot, and Double Shot modes. Only the original Hellevator tower can only operate in Turbo Drop mode. The parks Slingshot was brought back with a new paint job, theme and name of Buzzsaw.
In 2001, the parking lot was moved across the road, and a bridge was built to allow access to the entrance of the park. There were a few changes with the Paul Bunyan's play structure becoming a small kiddie area called Tiny Timber Town with the addition of three new kiddie rides; a kiddie ferris wheel and helicopter built within the play area and a third (Zamperla LoliSwing) replacing the Sea Dragon. Buzzsaw's theme helped to blend in the theme of Tiny Timber Town which had a logger theme.
Batman – The Dark Knight (B&M Floorless coaster) was added in 2002, the water park was doubled in size and renamed Hurricane Harbor in 2003, and two new rides were introduced for the 2005 season: the spinning coaster Pandemonium (originally themed to Mr. Six) and a water coaster named Typhoon.
For the 2006 season, the SWAT flat ride from the now-defunct Six Flags Astroworld (now renamed Catapult) and Diablo Falls, also from Astroworld (now renamed Splash Water Falls) were added to the park's ride lineup.
In 2007 two new kids areas were added, The Wiggles (Wiggles World) and Thomas the Tank Engine (Thomas Town). Wiggles World took over the Tiny Timber Town area retheming some of the existing rides and removing the play structure. Wiggles World also added new rides, wet and dry play elements, and a live stage show. Thomas Town was added next to the main entrance and included a train ride on Thomas and two new kiddie rides. The Hall of Justice was also built into the vacant building of the Joker's Wildcard near the Bizarro coaster.
In 2008, Six Flags New England was to open The Dark Knight, an indoor MACK Wild Mouse coaster based on the upcoming film of the same name. The park's other Batman-based attraction had its named changed from Batman – The Dark Knight to Batman: The Ride to avoid confusion. However, due to permit issues, the ride was cancelled and dismantled. The ride would have cost the park $7.5 million in exchange for bringing $280,000 in taxes for the state of Massachusetts. Thus the cancellation angered the city of Agawam, which stated the issues with the ride were not present. Instead, the park announced the new "Glow in the Park Parade". On November 8, 2008 the Town of Agawam approved Six Flags the right to build roller coasters up to the height of 200 feet (61 m). This will pave the way for many new roller coasters in the future.
On September 15, 2008, Six Flags announced a makeover to the Superman roller coaster, adding an in-ride soundtrack and special effects, a makeover also undergoing with Medusa at Six Flags Great Adventure and similar to what was done with X in its conversion to X² in 2008 at Six Flags Magic Mountain. The ride is now called Bizarro, named after Superman's enemy. The makeover has included a re-paint of the track, which it is now purple. It is the same high-tech qualities of the old ride, just upgraded with pyrotechnics and special effects.
In February 2010, it was announced that there would be a kiddie water park section added. It is called Mr. Six's Splash Island, which includes 16,000 square feet (1,500 m2) of drenching thrills and relaxation for the entire family. It features a 30,000 gallon shaded wave pool designed specifically for little ones, and a 150-foot (46 m) interactive lazy river with dumping coconuts, rain curtains and squirting water to keep the whole family cool. It also includes ten private cabanas. However at the end of 2010, Six Flags dropped Mr. Six from rides in parks again and Mr. Six's Splash Island, just became Splash Island.
On September 1, 2010 the park announced that they would be receiving a new roller coaster to be added to the DC Comics section of the park. It is a standard wild mouse coaster that previously resided at Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom. They announced "Gotham City Gauntlet: Escape from Arkham Asylum" on February 7, 2011.
In late 2010, Six Flags began the process of removing licensed theming from attractions. They terminated several licenses including their licenses with The Wiggles and Thomas the Tank Engine. Thomas Town was reopened in 2013 as Whistlestop Park. Wiggles World was rethemed to KIDZOPOLIS.
In August 2011, several media sources reported that the park is going on building Déjà Vu from Six Flags Magic Mountain, a Vekoma Giant Inverted Boomerang for the park's 2012 season. Then on September 1, 2011, Six Flags New England officially announced Goliath for the 2012 season, a Vekoma Giant Inverted Boomerang roller coaster, that will be located where the former Shipwreck Falls was.
In July 2012, Six Flags New England began seeking to build the world’s largest swing set. The park proposed to build a 385-foot (117 m) tall Funtime Star Flyer ride, similar to the SkyScreamer found at other Six Flags parks. The new swing ride was approved by the city of Agawam on July 30, 2012. The city also announced that the park can also build onto the tower to 410-foot (120 m), to keep it the world’s tallest. The Star Flyer is expected to replace the Taz's Dare Devil Dive sky coaster. Six Flags announced on August 30, 2012, that Six Flags New England will be adding Bonzai Pipelines a SplashTacular DownUnder water slide at their water park Hurricane Harbor. Bonzai Piplines will feature six different slides on one complex tower with each of them going different directions.
In February 2013, Six Flags New England announced that they would be removing the SWAT ride, Catapult, from the parks ride lineup and bringing back the former Thomas Town that operated from 2007 to 2010 for the 2013 season as Whistlestop Park.
On August 29, 2013, Six Flags officially announced the addition of New England SkyScreamer for the 2014 season. New England SkyScreamer will dub as the world's tallest Swing ride at 400 feet (120 m) manufacture by Funtime. The swing ride will be located in the North End section of the park where Catapult was located.

Mission, Vision, Goal, Objective, Philosophy of the company Mission Establish Six Flags Friends as the pre-eminent community outreach program within the entertainment industry by encouraging and inspiring children and families throughout our parks and their local communities. Through volunteerism, giving programs, special events, and educational and social awareness we weave a wide circle of friends and foster the bonds which make up communities across our nation. Vision The imagination to create a new form of family entertainment and regional parks large in scope but closer to where people lived, making them convenient and affordable. Goal Six Flags’ goal is to safely and efficiently accommodate the needs of all Guests, including individuals with disabilities. This Guide, along with the availability of our Team Members to answer any questions and offer assistance, will allow Guests to have a thrilling and safe day at the park. Philosophy of the Company * Play - Work made fun gets done. * Make Their Day - Make someone's day through a small act of kindness. * Be There - Be fully present for one another. * Choose Your Attitude - Learn to have the power to choose a response to what life brings.

Logo and Location

1623 Main St, Agawam, MA 01001, United States

John Odum
Senior Vice President, Park Operations - East Coast
Usman Nabi

Brett Petit
Senior Vice President, Marketing

John Luther

David McKillips
Senior Vice President, Corporate Alliances
Charles Koppelman

Lance C. Balk
General Counsel

Tom Iven
Senior Vice President, Park Operations - West Coast

Jim Reid-Anderson

John Duffy
Chief Financial Officer

Kurt Cellar

Michael S. Israel
Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer

Stephen Owens

Nancy A. Krejsa
Senior Vice President, Investor Relations and Corporate Communications

Richard Roedel

Walt Hawrylak
Senior Vice President, Administration

John Baker

Food Department General Manager

Part Time Supervisors
Full Time Supervisors

Lead Team Member

Team Member
Team Member
Team Member

Trainings and Activities Management Staff Jennifer Murray She is the HR Officer that hired us last November 3, 2012. She also conducted our first orientation day last March 26, 2013. Michelle She is the general manager at the Food Department. She handles all the restaurants in the theme park. Domingas Calvao She is one of the full time supervisors who often visit Sweet Shoppe to help and to check on us. Dino Pietriniro He is the supervisor at Sweet Shoppe; he trained us and moulds us to become the best that we could. Altobis Lowe He is the best team leader at Sweet Shoppe; he assisted me from the very start until my very last days at Six Flags, he is one of the people who inspired me to become very appreciative in all aspects. Courtney Miller She is the best organizer at Sweet Shoppe when she’s around everything will be just fine.

Schedule and Assigned Tasks April 2 – April 12, 2013 After the orientation and training we started working on April 2, 2013. At first we are being divided into groups, we are assigned to do different activities. On my first day I was with Mr. Brendon (Full-Time Supervisor that handles all the restaurants at the north side of the theme park), he took me to Cold Stone an ice cream shop where I was told to open different kinds of chocolates and then put them in their containers then after that I cleaned the whole shop. Then after taking hours on doing that I was assigned to arrange the plates and in cleaning the kitchen of JB’s Smokehouse of BBQ. After working at JB’s my supervisor took me to Looney Tunes Food Court along with five other International students, we were told to clean up the floor, the dirty kitchen, the serving area and lastly to assemble souvenir bottles. On the second day which was April 4, 2013. I was again with Mr. Brendon; he took us back to Looney Tunes Food Court to assemble some more souvenir bottles and to continue cleaning the floors and the POS machines. He also taught me how to use the POS machine and the correct manner of talking to the guests. For example: first you should smile then great them good morning, good afternoon or good evening then ask them politely for their orders then after that you should them how much their meals cost them, then before taking any amount of money or credit card you should ask them if they would like to use DISCOVER (it is a credit card that teamed up with all of Six Flags stores and restaurants that will give the guests 5% of discount on every purchase) and if they don’t want to, just take their credit card or money and give them their change correctly then give them their receipts and wish them to have a SIX FLAGS DAY! On the third day April 5, 2013 I was chosen by Mr. Dino Peitriniro (the supervisor of Sweet Shoppe) to be with his team. On that day I was assigned to wash the dishes and make the steel sink shiny and clean at the Riverboat Cafe. Then after washing the dishes and cleaning the sink I started helping the other girls with wiping all the freezers that were in the storage room. Then Mr. Dino took us to Sweet Shoppe to make plates and bowls, assemble souvenir bottles and clean whatever is dirty. On the fourth day April 9, 2013 I was with a different group again, I was with Mr. Phil Bouchie. He took us to the All American Hotdog to take some frozen French fries, Hotdogs, and Chicken Fillets and move them to The Works. After moving some frozen foods we were told to clean all the tables and chairs that surrounded the place. Then after that we were sent to the northern part to wipe out the sticky portions of the soda fountains. After wiping out the soda fountains we were all sent to Johnny Rockets to help the others clean up the whole restaurant. On the fifth day April 11, 2013 I was with Mr. Dino’s group again and since he will be my supervisor at Sweet Shoppe he taught me how to cook popcorn, how to mix and make cotton candy and how to coat apples to become candy apples. He also taught how to use the POS machine at Sweet Shoppe because the menu there is different from the POS machine that is located at the Looney Tunes Food Court. He taught me everything that I have to know, so I will be prepared enough by the time that the theme park opens. Then after my training at Sweet Shoppe, Mr. Brendon took me to the water park. The other girls are already there waiting for us. In the water park we were told to carry the heavy metal chairs out near the lagoons as well as the tables. On the Sixth day of being an International Work Crew April 12, 2013, I was with no one’s group so I helped my newly met friend to clean up two freezers and carry it to the Sweet Cabin and then after that Mr. Brendon took us to the water park again to carry out chairs and tables near the Tiki Bar restaurants. Then I was sent to Sweet Shoppe to make some more plates. April 13 – April 22, 2013 April 13, 2013 was the day the Six Flags New England’s grand opening. It was also my first day to encounter my first guests and at first of course it wasn’t that successful but it went smoothly. I was assigned to be the cashier for the day shift. I was very nervous that time because I have no idea how the American people would respond to a Filipino girl like me. Sometimes I am being assigned as the cook and a runner or a server. It is good to learn how to work independently and to socialize with the guests properly. From April 13 to April 22 I was assigned as cashier, cook, server, cotton candy maker, candy apple maker and lastly waffle cone. April 25 – April 28, 2013 April 25 is another work crew day and I was in Sweet Shoppe with my supervisor Mr. Dino and Ghie Ann Inocencio (a student from Our Lady of Fatima College) we were assigned to clean the restaurant, make more than fifteen black bags of popcorn, and to make more than ten black bags of cotton candy and we are to ensure that all the supplies are enough for the coming weekend. The theme park regularly opens at weekends because those are the typical family days and plus the summer has not start yet the weather is still cold and it’s not yet vacation time for the students. So, from Friday to Saturday I have the same position the cashier but when I come back from my break I often become the cook and runner for some time until the other cashier goes for her break as well. I also do the replacement of the sodas at the soda fountain, arranging the inventory and adding ice cream mixture into the ice cream machine when it’s almost over.

May 2 – May 5, 2013 As usual before the Sweet Shoppe opens we would prepare all the things that are important and necessary for cooking, and for flavoring the fried dough, fried Oreo, and funnel cake. We would turn on the heater light then place the chocolate and caramel syrup there, turn on the ice cream machine then try it after five minutes, cook fresh popcorn, mix funnel cake powder, turn on the coffee and hot chocolate machine, place new confectionary sugar, cinnamon sugar, strawberry, pizza sauce, apple, chocolate and rainbow sprinkles. And we would ensure that every tiny detail of the restaurant is clean. While there are no guests who would like to buy any food yet I would assemble souvenir bottles to keep myself busy. And because I accidently burned my hand while making candy apples last week during work crew I was not allowed to do things that will make my hand wet. So, because of that I stayed as the cashier the whole time and they assigned a runner to assist me with the orders of the customers. Whenever I am free or there’s no guest I would bag popcorn or I would fill the spoon and fork container or add napkins to the napkin containers. As guests are building up lines we have to move faster than normal and it was fun for me to talk to different kinds of people and be able to handle their moods and their attitudes. At the end of the day we would clean the restaurant by brushing the floor, wipe all the dirty surfaces, shine the cotton candy window and vent, remove all the aluminum on the side of the frialator and turn it off, wash the dishes and place them back to the shelf, take out all the rubber mats and hang them by the walk-in, place the left over in the freezer then clean the ice cream machine as well as the popcorn machine and the cotton candy machine. After everything is done our supervisor will sign us out and give us red dots for being friendly, fast, clean, and safe then we will go straight to the ESO to leave our time sheets in the box then we will wait for the bus for more than an hour.

May 10 – May 12, 2013 As usual after our three days off we will be doing the same things. Prepare the things that we need for opening the restaurant and keep ourselves busy while waiting for the guests to buy sweet foods for snacks. And as always we are having new team members every week, I have to train them and show them what they can do and what kind of help they can offer the whole team to serve the guests well. For my routine I would keep myself busy whenever we don’t have a guest, I would bag popcorn and wipe all the dirty surfaces and assemble souvenir bottles. I would also entertain those guests that ask for directions and I help them by giving them the theme park’s map that I have. I also entertain the guests complains and forward them to our supervisor or our manager. And when there is someone from our new team member who wants to learn how to make cotton candy or to operate the popcorn machine and ice cream machine I would always teach whenever I have a chance and if we don’t have any guests and I also help my runner with the making the orders, I show them how to dress the funnel cake and the ice cream with toppings because some guests loves the way I make them because I always offer them quiet huge ice creams with pretty toppings as well as the funnel cake with ice cream or just supreme, that’s the reason why a lot of guests remembers me and they would always go to my counter even though they would wait for quite some time. Those guests makes me smile whenever they come back to me and give me such great feedbacks, it makes me feel like I have done my job very well and I’m proud of myself for giving them big smiles whenever they leave my counter with shocked faces and comments like “Wow! They’re serving huge ice cream and pretty big funnel cakes!”

May 16 – May 19, 2013 May 16 is another work crew day as a start we will be cooking popcorn then while waiting for it to pop Ghie Ann and I would place new sets of bottled waters and vitamin waters in the refrigerator, then I would mix the ingredients for coating the apples and boil it while I wait for its temperature to reach 290 degrees Fahrenheit, I will be removing the stickers and then struck the stick handles to it so it will look like a lollipop and arrange them in rows so it will be organized when I coat them. After making the candy apples, I will be helping Ghie Ann with bagging the popcorn and I will be making cotton candy as well. As soon as we finish our quota of popcorn and cotton candy we will be cleaning the machines that we used and keep the place clean again so we will be ready to go home. May 17 - May 19 is a regular theme park day which starts from 9 in the morning till 10:30 in the evening. Early in the morning as soon as we arrive in the park we would wait for half an hour to sign in because we are always fetched from the hotel early so no one will be late for their shifts. After signing in, we would go to our restaurants and start doing our routine. First and foremost we have to set up the restaurant for its opening; we have to turn on the all the machines: the frialator, ice cream machine, coffee and hot chocolate maker, popcorn machine, pretzel heater, the food heater; replace the toppings with new ones, ready the funnel cake mix, set up the cones, try the ice cream machine, put in pretzels salted and unsalted inside the pretzel heater, set up the plates and the condiments; then as a cashier I have to go to the cash control and get a cash bag, after getting the money I have arrange the money in the POS machine so after that I can open the shutters and serve the guests. May 23 – May 27, 2013 In this week, students from all around the world arrived to work at Six Flags New England. It was fascinating to have a chance to know them and work with them. And as a “senior” to most of them, I am one of those who were assigned to train some of them at Sweet Shoppe and Brown Derby as well. I taught them everything I know, from the simplest to the confusing part of our job at Six Flags. It was fun sharing what you have to others who thinks that you are so great because you have memorized almost every rule and every little detail that we need to survive at work. May 31 – June 3, 2013 In this week the other Filipino students and I are still doing our routine and we are also assisting the new comers with their every single step in learning and adopting the environment. In this part of the program I can say that the culture exchange is being applied, because of this training abroad I had a chance to learn a lot of things all by myself and of course with the help of my supervisors. June 7 – June 14, 2013 For my last week at Six Flags it was quite hard to leave but at the bright side I have spoonful of knowledge to take along with me when I come back home. This week was not that hard it seemed like I’ve known my job for such a long time that I don’t feel any pressure even if there are angry guests, I have learned to respect the differences, smile and calmly talk to the guests and help them with their problems. After all it’s my job to make them happy and at least draw a smile on their faces when we depart from each other. Special Assignments * In charge of the restaurant when the lead team member or the supervisor is not around * Train the new team members * Be in charge of another restaurant called Brown Derby alone * Finish the quota for making cotton candy and popcorn for the whole weekend * Prepare for a surprise inspection of the Safety Management * Have unlimited smile * Provide the guests the best service * Always remember the Six Flags Mantra

MANTRA FRIENDLY Make a positive and lasting impression on our guests by going the extra mile. * Acknowledge and greet Guests and teammates with a smile * Listen, and be willing to engage in a conversation * Anticipate what Guests need and provide it, even before they ask. CLEAN Create an environment where everything feels fresh and new every day. * Keep ourselves and our surroundings neat, organized, and spotless * Wherever there is trash around the park, don’t pass it up, pick it up! * Make sure our Guests are comfortable, as if they were visitors to our home FAST Act quickly, efficiently and enthusiastically in serving our Guests. * Be prepared for every interaction and transaction * Hustle when addressing Guests needs and deliver quality every time * Do your part to minimize wait time and keep lines moving

SAFE Be observant and take action to ensure a safe environment, for our Guests and each other. * Learn and follow all of the steps required to serve Guests safely in your specific area * Take immediate action to address any unsafe condition or behavior * Make sure that our Guests feel they are safe in our parks

Problems Met Statement of the Problems * Cleanliness Six Flags New England is one of the cleanest parks of Six Flags, but it was only clean on its external appearance. The kitchen or the cooking area is not clean at all times because most of the American team members are not being helpful on doing other things than serving food to the guests. They are also not paying much attention to the supervisor and to other team members who knows what to be done in the kitchen and in the serving area. * Lack of Staff Six Flags New England has more than one thousand (1, 000) guests everyday and in the Sweet Shop where I was assigned to work there are only three team members in the opening of the theme park. Even if it is still early there is already a buildup of lines of guests who would like to purchase sweet foods like fried Oreos, funnel cake, fried dough, ice cream, Italian ice, cotton candy, candy apple and popcorn in this reason the team members are not capable to entertain their needs as fast as they want and as much as the team members wants to give them the attention that they want, they just couldn’t because of lack of number of team members to help. * Breach of Contract Six Flags New England stated in the contract that they will pay us $8 per hour and $8 * 1.5 or $12 per hour of overtime after exceeding 40 hours of regular working hour per week. But, by the time that we have exceeded 40 hours we are not being paid $12 on our overtime as promised. Alternative Course of Action Alternative Course of Action 1 The supervisors should have train the team members to double time their work. For example while waiting for food to be well cooked they can wipe the dirty spots in the kitchen area and they should train them on how to keep the place clean and pleasing for the sake of good service that the theme park is promising to its valuable guests. Alternative Course of Action 2 The Scheduler should know that in Foods Department there should be enough team members in a restaurant to assist and give the guests what they need as fast and as good as possible because it one of the key of the parks’ success. Therefore, the scheduler should assign more than three team members in a restaurant. Alternative Course of Action 3 Six Flags New England should have stated the truth that we are not going to be paid $12 per hour on our overtime or otherwise they should have paid us according to the contract because it is against the law breach the contract.

Recommendation After I have seen and observed the Six Flags ways and culture as they achieve success on their daily operations they should consider the daily inspection of each restaurants regarding the cleanliness and keeping the place in good shape and of course to check the team members performances and their dedication to give a smile to every guest that they serve. And as for the Management they should know the number of their employees and guests as well in able to estimate the right number of team members to be assigned to the restaurants so that the team members will be enough to serve the guests properly. Lastly, they should abide the law in terms of providing the true information that is written on the contract that they have handed out to their employees and they should enforce the real statement of the contract so there will be no confusion on the part of the employees.

Insight Learned and Implications International On-The-Job-Training created a wider opportunity to the students to become more competitive in all aspects. It moulds oneself to become a much better and well experienced person for the future. Here are some insights that I have learned when I undergone the on-the-job-training. * As a Business Administration student I was able to learn the nature of two different fields and their connection to each other; Theme park and restaurant. * The training opened the chance for me to improve myself in handling different kinds of people * Students are able to manage and maximize their time even if they are given the shortest time they are able to do the things that their supervisors told them to do. * As the nature of business administration, students like me are not being taught to cook but while in the training I was given a chance to cook and have an all around job or multi tasking * This training has given me the chance to apply what I have learned from school like having good communication skills, business management, operations management and inventory management. * I also learned that in able to reach the top you should be at the bottom first to become worthy and full of knowledge about the operations of a specific field * This training has also required strict compliance of the rules and regulation of the company

Training and Work Crew day

My actual working day captured by my new friends, I was making cotton candy.

Work Crew day with Ms. Crystal Bouchie and Mr. Dino Pietriniro

I was sent to Riverboat Café to a few days.

Coating the apples to create candy apples

My last week at Six Flags

Joanne L. Robles
306 Balite Malolos City, Bulacan, Philippines
Mobile No (+639 32 208 7025)

Objective: To obtain a position that will utilize my knowledge and my skills while offering a rewarding career.


March - June 2013 Six Flags New England, Agawam, Massachusetts, USA
Hostess Food Department 1 Responsible for serving quality food products and maintain the cleanliness of both the dining and food preparation areas 2 Responsible for setting up and operating Point of Sale (POS) cash registers, receive money and return proper change 3 Responsible for preparing and cooking food 4 Responsible for filling condiment dispensers and operating soda machines 5 Maintaining Six Flags’ Mantra of Friendly, Clean, Fast and Safe Service

April 2- May 28, 2011 EEI Corporation (MICT Berth 6 Project, North Harbor, Manila)
1 Responsible with encoding the data of the employees 2 Responsible for filing the documents of the employees of different departments 3 Responsible for reporting and recording the working hours, absents, and tardiness of the employees

July-September 2007 Modhesh Merchandiser, Dubai Festival City, U. A. E.
1 Responsible for the arrangement and display of all available goods at the store.
2 Responsible for daily sales and stock inventory.
3 As a cashier and maintained harmonious relationship to customers.
4 Attend to customers queries and introduced new products.

June 2007 Modhesh Merchandiser, Dubai Festival City, U.A. E. Saleslady 1 Attend, assist customers for their purchases. 2 Arranged stall display and maintained cleanliness
3 Attend to customers queries and introduced new products
4 Act as cashier when needed.

July 2006 Studio 52 Al Qassimiah Sharjah, U. A. E.
Commercial Model (Star Juice Cola)
1 Part of the star juice commercial ads
2 Promotes and introduces the products thru sampling in different groceries. SEMINAR ATTENDED JPMAP (Junior People Management Association of the Philippines) Leadership in Crisis November 14, 2012 Boardwalk Business Ventures, Inc. Campus Tour September 27, 2012 PMAP (People Management Association of the Philippines) “33rd General Membership Meeting” HR Proactive Intervention and Emotional Intelligence August 31, 2012

EDUCATIONAL ATTAINMENT College ABE International Business College Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (Major in Financial Management)
High School Alternative Learning System – DepEd
Grade 7 & 8 Grammar School – Dubai, U.A.E.
Elementary New Filipino Private School – Sharjah, U.A.E.


Date of Birth : November 23, 1993
Civil Status : Single
Passport Number : EB 4996782
Date of Issue : March 26, 2012
Date of Expiry : March 25, 2017
Nationality : Filipino
Language Spoken : English and Tagalog

Joanne L. Robles

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