Six Young Men

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Six Young Men
In 'Six Young Men' by Ted Hughes, a photograph is used to explore a more personal view of the effects of World War 1.
This poem is about a group of six young men in an old photograph before they go off to fight in world war one. The photo was took in Cumbria, Lumb Falls. The men are all smartly dressed in the picture, there is now a memorial plaque in place. He explores the horror's of death in World War One.
In this essay i intent to discuss the experiences and difficulties these men had to face. This poem covers the horror's of the first world war and what pain the six young firends faced, and how fragile life really is. I am going to show how Ted Hughes uses repetition and alliteration to describe the background.
The first way in which Hughes sets the scene to show the horror's of war is alliteration to emphasise that the men all had friends and their own family, Ted Hughes want to show that people loved them. For example he uses "Shoe's Shine" to show they were ready and excited for life. We quickly realised that they are not going to survive as Hughes quote's in his last line, "one's own body from it's instant and death."
In stanza 2 and 3, Hughes compare's the contrast of the horrors of war by starting by saying details about them but in Stanza 2 he makes us relise the reality by telling us how nice it is back home, "bulberried bank", this contrasts with Stanza 3. In Stanza three Hughes says, 'From potting at tin-cans in no-man's land, fell back dead', this is horrible as he was very silly and killed. This show's how serious it really was.
In the final Stanza it differs in mood and tone because he makes it sound happy but sad at the same time. 'To regard this photograph may well dement' shows that he is very upset about the picture.
Hughes conveys a mood of regret because the men died and 6 months before they were very happy. This poem has…...