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Size Should Not Matter

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Size Should Not Matter:
Being Over a Size Ten Does Not Make One Ugly Is brand image more important than satisfying the most customers possible? In the mind of Mike Jeffries, CEO of Abercrombie & Fitch (A&F), yes brand image is more important than satisfying the most customers possible. According to Jeffries, A&F has a very selective target market, which does not include anyone who is overweight or in Jeffries’s mind who is not “good-looking”. In my opinion, even though the company A&F believes it has a certain brand image to maintain, there is no reason why A&F should discriminate against the amount of people that they do. By considering Aristotelian virtue ethics, Mill’s utilitarianism, and Carr’s idea on business bluffing, it is easy to see why the tactics of A&F are unmoral, or in the case of Carr, unjustified. On the other side, Kantian deontology shows that the tactics of A&F can be considered moral, however Kant’s reasons are not stronger than the reasons of Aristotle, Mill, and Carr. Before getting into the analyses from the perspectives from the previously mentioned people, it would be ideal to give some background information on the unethical values of A&F. It was not until 1996 when Jeffries became fully in charge of A&F when the company started to become an unethical store. The main reason the company has become so unethical, was because of the new brand image Jeffries decided to create for the company. Instead of having a brand image that could be marketed towards a large amount of people, Jeffries wanted the company to only be marketed to a specific target market. In Jeffries’s mind, he only wanted attractive people to wear his clothing line; therefore he wanted to discriminate against anyone who did not fit his ideal description. According to Jeffries, his ideal A&F guy, “He’s cool, he’s beautiful, he’s funny, he’s masculine, he’s optimistic, and…...

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