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Skill Development Plan

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In the Self-Awareness assessment, I scored 54, placing me in the second quartile and above the mean of 51.47. While this score indicated that I have a higher level of self-awareness than the average business school students in the comparison group, it also meant that I have room for improvement. Out of the areas assessed (self-disclosure, openness to feedback awareness of own values, emotional intelligence, change orientation and core self-evaluation), my strongest areas were awareness of my own value system and emotions while my weakest areas laid with unwillingness to seek information from others for self-improvement and getting defensive in the face of negative feedback. Additionally, the assessment pointed out that my awareness of personal standards was lacking. My change orientation was another area that appeared weaker (more externally than internally oriented) in comparison to my overall performance.
In the Emotional Intelligence assessment, my score was 105. Though this score landed me in the top quartile in terms of the ability to be aware, in control and diagnose emotions in self and others, there were a couple of items that suggested that I could further improve my emotional intelligence. An item in the emotional awareness part of the assessment suggested that in interactions with others I might either be unaware of my own negative emotional reactions or unwilling to seek compensation in light of those reactions. Knowing myself, I believe the second point to be particularly accurate. If given a choice I do tend to avoid asking others to compensate any distraught they have caused me. The emotional control section revealed my reluctance to directly confront other people. This could be ineffective and frustrating at times as it relies on others’ abilities to interpret subtle hints.
According to the Defining Issues test, my stage of...

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