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I was working as a logger outside of Snowflake, Arizona at the time of the incident. The guys and I were headed home after a long work day when we saw what we saw. I would have never in my wildest dreams did I think that I would see or experience what I experienced on that day November day. I was afraid to come public with this story for a long time because I knew I would be ridiculed and laughed at, but what happened to me cannot be bottled up anymore.
On the way home from work we saw a bright light hovering in the sky over a hill. We drove towards it to get closer. It was orange and reddish color. Mike stopped the truck and we all observed the object in silence and awe. I was so amazed that I felt the need to get out of the truck and closer to the object. It was so close to us at this point. The guys started freaking out and yelling, “Get back in the truck Travis!” I was right underneath this object. It was so shiny and metallic. The noises it made are difficult to describe. The sound was more like tones but not from the frequency for humans. The object seemed like it was several football fields long. Then a beam of light came from the bottom of the object and hit me.
I looked at the guys and I so the horror on their faces and as I attempted to run back to the truck I realized that I couldn’t move. I was paralyzed. That’s when I started to fade in and out of consciousness. When I woke up I thought that I might be in a hospital. Then I realized that I was in some sort of cocoon. It was a slimy thing with bubbles. I punctured it with my hand and some light came through.
As I crawled out and looked around I could see that I was several stories high and there were hundreds of other cocoons. I was naked and frightened. I jumped. I floated and at a slower pace than one would if they were to jump from the same height on earth. I landed on top of another cocoon and broke through it from the fall. Inside was the corpse of an old lady. I ran as fast as I could.
As I was wondering around I noticed rooms that looked like surgery rooms. I was looking into one I felt a presence behind me. I turned around and there was this being that looked at me with a cold stare. It looked like what you would imagine an alien to look like. It had a small frail body with a large head, and black oval shaped eyed. It was short and as it came closer I become more terrified. I kicked it out of fear. When I kicked the being it flew back and I knocked off what I thought was his face at first but turned out to be some sort of suit. It had a different face underneath. It had eyes with pupils but no nose and not much facial expression. That’s when the other started to arrive.

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